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The World of Sales Is a Stage

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How many of us are lucky enough to work within a Business or own a Business that is our ‘Dream Career?’ If you answered ‘me, I am’, you know ‘What Makes Your Business Amazing!’

It would be a mad world if we ALL looked at life and said ‘what will make me the most money?’ I want to be/do that… There is only enough room for one David Beckham and only one Brittany Spears.

Through school and university we are guided by professionals towards subjects that we show an aptitude for.
Little did I know this would be useful for the position I now hold within My Sales World; with an outgoing personality, vivid imagination and little interest in mathematics. I spent most of my time in the Drama Block of our school, working out the most dramatic SFX/LFX (special effects/ lighting effects) for our next school production…

How does this relate to My Sales World?

To quote Shakespeare;

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages.
As You Like It Act 2, scene 7, 139–143

(I won an award when I was the Stage Manager for our version of this when I was 16).

Every time I conduct a sale or recruit a representative I have to do several things, and so does anyone in business. Whatever it is we do, we all have to:
1. Plan
2. Practice/Prepare
3. Order/Produce
4. Deliver/Finalise

The End (round of applause)!!

Whether it’s a business plan we follow or the creative flow from our imagination, we bring pieces of our inner-selves to our businesses. I am in the business I am in because I can give it the best of me… and also my representatives and clients… But isn’t that what we all do?

When I opened my Twitter account, when I devised my Facebook  page, (when I madly decided to start blogging), as many in business have done, did my parent company tell me to do it? Did the book tell me to? No… I did it because I thought it was a good way to put me and my business out there… As so many of us in different businesses have done.

I see it as a good way to perform the play that is; Tori Hawthorne, Business Developer.

There are hundreds of people who do the job I do and only one me. Thank god, some might say!

Maybe it’s a very romantic way to look at things, but when we take a chance and put our head above the parapet and choose to do something a bit different to what’s been done before; whether we are a sales person, marketeer, business/Life coach or accountant to name a few.

We are what makes our business amazing.

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