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The Do’s and Don’ts of Giving Gifts at Work

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There’s simply one basic rule of gift-giving, which mandates that your gift must not be the product of an inevitable panic-stricken jump and rush to Amazon or any other store; but that of thoughtfulness.

It is, in reality, way too thrilling for the one on the receiving end to know how you have taken the trouble. Individuals who actually master this special art of giving gifts out of the goodness of hearts without any self-serving motives have always been appreciated. Giving then becomes more of a blessing for both the giver as well as the receiver.

Gift Giving Etiquette for Business Associates:

Choosing gifts for colleagues or clients for the upcoming holiday season could turn out to be a very challenging task. It’s not quite easy to come up with that much desired perfect present and simultaneously following the business gift giving protocol.

Irrespective of whether you’ve headed to a mall, hauled out the holiday catalogs or gone online, here are some tips that can guide you to give a gift effortlessly that’ll definitely be appreciated, appropriate, and stand as memorable for the right reasons.

Follow these guidelines: Some companies do have some really strict policies regarding what types of gifts their employees could receive (they might not allow exchanging gifts also).  If you have a doubt, ask the clients or opt to clarify with the Human Resources department.

If allowed, considering a client’s interest is a must. Find out more about the favorite pastimes, hobbies or sports they tend to enjoy.  Perhaps the client is a foodie and would likely appreciate the favorite food or a beverage.

If you cannot determine anything yourself, contact his/her assistant or the associate. Do strive to make your gift stand out as you desire your company to similarly stand out.

Consider a budget. Many think that the inexpensive gift can make you look cheap. On the other hand, any lavish present could look over the top and embarrassing, or even alienating. Furthermore, gifting or even receiving expensive gifts could be against the company policy.Gift Giving Business Associates

Do the homework. It’d be tremendously embarrassing to have a corporate present returned or even worse – refused.

Think twice about printing the company logo on the present you’re about to gift. Ensuring that the gift is of a quality standard and that the logo is understated enough so as not to look like a blatant advertisement is always a good idea.

Additional thought ought to be given when it comes to any sort of humorous gift. What could appear to be funny in one person’s view could be insulting to the other.  Know the sense of humor of the client first and be appropriate.

Especially try to avoid any kind of gift which is sort of intimate, specifically if you’re gifting to the members of your opposite sex.

Consider a charitable donation. The bottom line is no matter whom you give and what your gift is, the proper presentation is a must.

Giving Gifts to Your Boss:

No business etiquette rule mandates you or the other workers, to give a gift to the boss for any particular occasion. As a matter of fact, giving a gift to the boss that’s inappropriate could even make the boss feel quite uncomfortable, alienate the co-workers, or appear as if you’re trying to “purchase” or pave your way into your boss’s good books.

However, if you really feel compelled to gift (say if you do not, the boss is going to hold it against you, which is actually quite a good indication that you’re not working for the right boss) or if you have been long wanting to thank your boss with a gift, here are some guidelines that apply.Gift Giving Boss

  • Consider a group gift to start with. Be discreet if you give any gift from yourself. Do make sure that you are delivering it privately and not making a scene in front of the other coworkers or management.
  • Aim at pleasing and not at impressing. Keep your gifts sincere and simple, and quite inexpensive, and keep away from giving a personal item.

Giving Gifts for Co-Workers:

Most workers wait until the very last minute for giving co-workers a gift for any specific occasion. Our tip is never freaking out; here’s our expert, best guide. The real question on everyone’s mind at the workplace is should you or shouldn’t you be giving a gift.

Even in the workplace, purchasing a present indicates a personal gesture. For instance, do not feel obligated for buying the lady in the finance department (whose name you do not know) a gift.

Consider buying gifts only for those in your department; those you inevitably interact with daily, people who strike a small talk around your cubicle, and the co-workers-turned-friends sharing your office frustrations after work during the happy hours.

There are companies which prohibit purchasing gifts for the boss or the departmental head since it is considered as trying too hard for another promotion. Depending on the work environment and the relationships shared with the supervisor in charge, feel comfortable to purchase a gift for the boss, but do make sure it is on a less extravagant side.

Never exchange your presents in front of the other co-workers who haven’t made it on your list. As you distribute your gifts, do check and avoid broadcasting it before other co-workers.

Although you had made purchases for a selected few, it’s wise to keep your sense of exclusivity at the workplace and not be labeled as “clicky”. Do come to the workplace early and leave gifts on their desks, or put them inside the office mailboxes if they are small enough. It’d be a sweet surprise too.

Gift Giving Co-Workers

Once you have purchased or you are about to purchase your gift, look at these office gifts, ask yourself always, how would you feel if you had received that particular gift from any business associate?

Basically, the bottom line is to remember that giving a gift must always focus on a recipient instead of focusing on the giver.

Any gift that is given with genuine intention will turn out to be better received than one given for just the sake of gaining something or the other in return.

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