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7 Ways For Every Small Business Owner To Get Better At Selling

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Every business owner or entrepreneur needs to know how to sell, whether or not their job title involves the word “sales.” Chances are, you’d like to get better at selling. But how? Sales skills can be taught, but before you spend money on expensive sales training, one of the best ways to get better at sales is to spend some time honing your skills with some of these simple tips.

# 1. Record yourself delivering your sales pitch.

Have you ever listened to yourself speak during a sales call? Sometimes the best way to get better at sales is to pay attention to what you say and how you say it. Analyze your delivery and pacing, or ask a friend or colleague to offer feedback on what you’re doing right and what could be improved.

# 2. Set a fixed schedule to do your sales calls and sales development work.

Make your sales activity automatic and consistent, and you’ll be more likely to do it well and do it every day. Schedule a set time each day to call customers or do research for future sales calls.

# 3. Think in terms of solutions, not features.

Too many businesses market their products by talking about “features” and technical details that no one is interested in hearing about. Instead, keep a laser focus on “what’s in it for me” for your customer. How does your product save time, save money, or make your customer’s life better in some way? Answer that question, and you’ll be making more sales than ever before.

# 4. Scrutinize your value proposition.

What makes your company or your product unique? Are you talking about your value proposition in a way that resonates with your customers, or is your sales pitch too cluttered with jargon?

# 5. Be a problem-solver.

Sales is ultimately about solving people’s problems. Show your customers that you care, and that you are here to help them. Show a sincere interest in improving the customer’s condition.

# 6. Remember: it is a numbers game.

Not everyone wants to hear from you, and you will have to break through a lot of rejection or incompatible discussions before you get to someone who says “Yes.” If you’re not getting enough “Yes” answers, try contacting more people. Sometimes the sheer quantity of contacts wins out over “quality” of sales leads.

# 7. Don’t force it.

You should never have to “force,” trick or cajole someone into buying from you. If a customer doesn’t feel good about the decision to buy from you, they’re not going to be happy and the sale is going to be more trouble than it’s worth. Instead, look for ways to align what you sell with the customer’s authentic needs and problems.

Please let me know your suggestions for getting better at selling.

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