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Why Is The Customer Always Right?

We need to ask ourselves this question every time we are about to approach a prospective customer or client. Why? Because the answer will give us the ability to give the customer exactly what they need. This ties into my previous postWhats more important: The Product or the Customer?

Before I go any further, there is the customer who describes a 42-inch HD Plasma TV as “the big flat telly’s with DH“, and do you know what? They are right too! But sometimes eager sales people want to show off knowledge in a tactless way, making the customer feel silly.

Cars are my knowledge weak point, they have four wheels and get us from A to B. That is all I need to know for my purchase. A sales person who asked “why is the customer right?” will ask me what I need it for, what my budget is, is there anything I specifically want/need. Our eager sales person will start speaking a foreign language of car knowledge… and essentially lose the sale…

There is the customer who buys after hearing all the fancy jargon that was used in the pitch, but in my experience that can lead to follow-up calls, visits and sometimes dissatisfied customers. We need our Sales Teams to have knowledge of products but we also need them to have knowledge of all possible customers, not just specific targeted markets.

For me, the most important reason why the customer is always right is because it’s their money, their hard-earned cash that they are spending with me. They want to feel, heard, understood and special.

A major supermarket tries to ensure that there are never more than two in a queue it doesn’t always happen, but they try (customers complained about the large number of un-manned checkouts), good marketing on their part. But I know for me, I’m way less grumpy by the time I am paying if I have been ushered to a newly opened checkout, I’m happy paying for my goods. Queuing for 20 minutes whilst seeing staff meander around does not make a happy shopper. I have walked away from a trolley, essentially taking my money elsewhere.

The customer is the person who has the money to buy your service/product, they know in their head what it is they want/need, making them right in their mind. They have chosen your product/service, so in your mind they have made the right choice.

So if your staff ask themselves that one small question before they stepped into the showroom, “why is the customer always right?”, they will find out what the customer needs rather than sell what they know.

These are just a couple examples of Sales Techniques that can go wrong or work, what do you think does or doesn’t work?

Tori Hawthorne

Tori Hawthorne

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