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10 Apps to Help Sell Your Business

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Selling your business is going to require attention to detail and a lot of patience on your part. While you are organizing your team to help you maximize the profits from your sale, you can also use a variety of mobile apps to help organize and maintain each aspect of the process to sell your business.

Too many business owners feel as though they have to be tied to their business location during the selling process because that one buyer may call or stop by at any moment. But if you are used to doing some portion of your business on the road, then you need to find ways of making sure that you can keep doing business and monitor the process of selling your company at the same time.

Some of the processes you need to monitor include:

  • Employee work schedules;
  • The value of your business;
  • The progress of your business sale promotion online.

With the right apps on your mobile computing device, you can stay in front of your customers and manage the business sales process at the same time. A profitable business is easier to sell and the more tools you use to keep your business profitable, the easier it will be to sell your company for a profit.

#1. Your Own Company App

To increase the value of your company, you need to develop an app that adds significant value for your customers, employees, etc. You should have your company app on your phone and check it frequently to make sure it is adding value to your business. As a buyer, you want to see it is business as usual and continued efforts by the current owner. This is a great start!

Promote the Sale

There are plenty of apps to help promote your business, but there are two in particular that will bring you more exposure.

When you are using apps to help sell your business, you should only use the very best apps available to get the job done.

#2. Twitter

Twitter is rapidly becoming one of the most powerful business promotion apps online and that includes the mobile computing world as well. You can join groups and get involved in conversations that will help your Twitter following to grow to the point where it will help you to sell your business.

#3. Facebook

Facebook has grown as a business promotion tool and the Facebook mobile app has grown along with the website. By managing your company’s Facebook presence and being able to instantly respond to Facebook interactions, you can find people who are interested in buying your business.

Improve Business Efficiency

A big part of attracting buyers for a business is to improve business efficiency. This means keeping track of costs and getting the most out of business operations.

There are a few apps you can use that will help you to maintain and improve business efficiency.

#4. Microsoft Office Mobile

The mobile version of Microsoft Office has Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to help you be productive and efficient on the road. You can develop presentations and review spreadsheets without having to be tied to your desk and you can take your Microsoft Office documents with you wherever you go.

#5. When I Work

Improving the efficiency of your company means always being able to monitor your company work schedule, and that is what the When I Work app does. With this app you will be able to see the schedule of each employee and make any necessary changes while you are on the road.

#6. Pocket Informant

The Pocket Informant is a calendar app that allows you to create entries with all of the details and links you need. You can schedule meetings, business trips, and even employment candidate interviews with this helpful app.

#7. Asana

Asana is a task coordinator that you can have loaded on the mobile devices of all of your employees and then create task lists and guidelines that everyone can see. This is the ultimate app for keeping your entire company focused on the same goals.

#8. Valuate the Business

Double Dog Studios offers the best mobile app for constantly checking and monitoring the value of your business. This app is simple to use and it can even help you to project cash flows to give immediate projections to any prospective buyers.

The value of your business can fluctuate based on a variety of factors including:

  • Local and global economic conditions;
  • Activities of your competition;
  • Increases or decreases in company revenue.

With good mobile apps on your phone, you can keep close tabs on the financial condition and value of your company.

Organize Sale Information

As you go through the sale process, you will start collecting data on potential buyers, selling agents, and other pertinent information that you will need to access regularly. There are excellent apps that will help you access, organize, and utilize that information to help you sell your business, such as:

#9. Dropbox

When it comes to online organizational apps, few can compete with Dropbox. You can sync up Dropbox with all of your other computing devices and always have your important documents and information with you at all times.

#10. EZ Balancer II

The EZ Balances II app will allow you to store and track expense information and get real-time financial updates on your company whenever you need them. With this information, you are better equipped to track your company’s efficiency and keep all of your financial information in one place.

When you start the process of selling your business, you will find that your life changes dramatically until the sale is complete. To help you cope with the changes and get the best return on the sale of your company, you need to use mobile apps that have the types of features and services you need.

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