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YouTube On The Go [Infographic]

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YouTube is an internet phenomenon with a growing amount of traffic visiting the site all the time. Where the real stellar growth in viewing figures has come from, is the amount of people who are using their mobile devices to view their favorite videos, especially in the U.S.

Despite the 30% increase in mobile users in the last three years, some people have been left frustrated by viewing problems. This infographic takes a look at the mobile takeover that is happening in the U.S and spreading around the globe, and also looks at some of the common issues encountered when trying to view YouTube content on a mobile device, and how to resolve them.

With a plethora of different devices like phones and tablets as well as using your games console to view YouTube, it is probably inevitable that there are going to be some technical issues to contend with. Add to the equation, the growing number of people trying to access YouTube at the same time and you can see why you might encounter an “oops, something went wrong” error message.

Sometimes there are other aspects that you need to resolve in order to enjoy uninterrupted YouTube entertainment. One of the more common problems is being unable to view age restricted content despite the fact that you are over 18 years of age.

Scroll through the infographic and you will find the answer to how to update your Google account so that you can watch what you want and also find the answers to a number of FAQ’s.

You might also have some access issues that are related to the video you are trying to watch itself, rather than there being a problem with your device. Again, you can find the answer to this problem and others right here.

Many of us now enjoy YouTube on the go and can enjoy the video content wherever we happen to be on the planet, once we know how to.

YouTube On the go

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