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What We Like And Don’t Like to See On Twitter

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Here are 23 Twitter Likes and 23 Twitter Dislikes from people that are using Social Media regularly for many different reasons, business and personal. I thought this may be a good exercise as recently I’ve seen some Tweets that really turn me off people and wondered if they even knew it. Plus I’d like to commend those that are tweeting well but you can’t just openly point out without seeming like a stalker. So I thought I’d put together some “tweet length” comments from other Tweeters as to what they like and dislike seeing on Twitter. There may be more of mine – but hey, it’s my blog post 🙂

What we Dislike seeing on Twitter:-

@_Sians Tweets that are all in capitals – I want to reply “stop shouting”

@dungarvanbrewco Impersonal, automated content where the user is not actively engaged with the application or users

@3keyscoach I don’t like seeing spam or people following for no apparent reason other than to boost their numbers.

@spiderworking I don’t like accounts that don’t chat back… ever (unless they’re press sites etc that I just rely on for news)

@denisefay I dislike when someone sends me a direct message when I begin following them and I know it’s not directed at me personally

@_Sians Tongue in cheek tweets that come across as sarcasm or rude as you’re tweeting a stranger – you need to know someone well before flippancy works

@CG_OnlineM Being followed by spammers and ‘ladies of Twitter’ (formerly ladies of the night) Ermmm, I’m a chick, not a dude – back off…lol

@CliffHouseHotel Spam. Hotels tweeting (and repeating the same) special offers. Charity/sponsor requests

@Cottages_ie I hate seeing bullying on Twitter – or anywhere obviously. It’s not nice, it’s not clever and people should be ashamed of themselves if they do it

@elainerogers I dislike when people mistake lack of rapport for disagreement, and immediately react negatively

@smallbiztrends Arguing with someone over Twitter is bad manners and uncomfortable for those who get caught in the crossfire (i.e., followers).

@encouragxcellns I hate seeing all these rules about what people can & can’t do, drives me nuts!

@_Sians Replies to a tweet from hours or days ago which are then out of context so don’t make sense – give a reference if a delay in reply

@eunicepower Photographs of every thing people consume – it’s ok for something fab but should be reserved for that.

@DeStress_Mag I dislike trolling, personal feuds that are aired online (keep your dirty laundry private people), cyber stalking, cyber bullying and spammers

@ballymountaccs Dislike the accounts that keep putting out stuff with no personal contact

@_Sians I will often unfollow if I see people using bad language.

@SannWood I don’t like to see someone posting that they’ve just eaten a sandwich or that they are now going to bed.

@fionaashe I dislike automation & automated DMs, unduly harsh criticism of others, spam, hacking, Twitter being used purely for marketing purposes

@frankbradley I dislike people that are deliberately argumentative on Twitter. I just find 140 characters difficult to have a heated debate on. Too much room for misinterpretation

@smbizceo Broken links. Make sure you double check links before you post them. I hate getting excited to see something only to click over and find the link is broken.

@nialldevitt I dislike when I see people lack respect on there, we’re all people at the end of the day

@_Sians Constant “profound” quotes from “profound” people… gets boring!!

What we Like seeing on Twitter:-

@CliffHouseHotel Humour. Photos. Information on Social Media. #tweetsinthreewords

@encouragxcellns Love seeing success tweeted and shared – shows what SM is all about.

@denisefay I like the conversations that you can strike up..and the smiles.. It’s the instant communication that I like

@smbizceo I like seeing things of a positive nature. Social media should be fun so anything negative puts a damper on things

@garrendennyLane love the way hashtags are used to bring people together with common interests and to promote events.

@tannerydungarva I like networking and twitterbuddies that turn into friends

@frankbradley I like people giving useful answers to my questions (shout outs)

@lynneallbutt I like seeing that people appreciate the connections they make via Twitter – sharing is caring

@elainerogers I like to see obvious rapport develop in as little as 140 characters, enforces human interaction

@Henparty I like seeing good news shared

@dungarvanbrewco Striking up conversations, relationships, connections and reading witty, interesting and insightful tweets

@fionaashe I love to see personalities expressed in tweets, positive language being used, tweeps supporting each other, innovative tweets, fun banter

@eunicepower Items of interest to me – for example @italianfoodie’s story on how many calories are in their pizza

@cottages_ie I like seeing nice pictures being shared – of holidays, pets, fun times

@ballymountaccs Like the immediate reaction to a question, comment or conversation

@justretweetcom I like to see people sharing useful stuff that will benefit other people reading it

@_Sians It’s great to see happy, positive people on Twitter – it helps to spread the good feeling

@writeontrack_L Love the way friendships can start on twitter. I met Marie (now a biz partner) on twitter

@smallbiztrends People responding to requests for product recommendations or referrals of good service providers

@deStress_Mag I love the amazing, quirky, funny, informative tweets that often pop up and the creative minds that create a belly laugh in 140 characters

@SannWood I like to see people highlighting/pointing to useful content and/or newsworthy items.

@3keyscoach Like seeing people actually chatting with one another and participating in chats

@_Sians I like to see people being generous helping other tweeters with questions they need answered

I hope the above lists have helped some people and I’m sure there are lots more likes and dislikes waiting to be shared so please let me know in the comments below.

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