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What Everyone in the Auto Insurance Industry Should Know About Blogging

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The auto insurance industry is ripe with the opportunity to acquire new customers. People need auto insurance and more of them are shopping for it online. They are finding that shopping online lets them find the best value at the lowest cost. Being available for them online is a must.


If you aren’t online, then you’re failing to reach a large percentage of potential consumers.

Have you put off blogging for your auto insurance company? Maybe you think it’s too hard, or that it takes too much time, or that it costs too much money. Truthfully, blogging is not always easy and sometimes it does take to get it right. However, having a significant online presence is important enough that many brands are finding ways to blog because it does work.

There are dozens of reasons why blogging works and how it helps people find your auto insurance company or brand online.

Here are five reasons for blogging

#1. Blogging is essential for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Well-maintained blogs and regular blog posts keep your website content “fresh,” which is essential for SEO purposes. The higher your website’s page rank, the more eyeballs you attract to your blog. As people find you and get to know more about you online, the better the chances are that they will remember your brand. This is especially beneficial to you when they’re ready to shop for auto insurance.

Tip: Consistency is key when it comes to blogging. Set a goal for blogging at least once a week. Using industry-specific keywords is also helpful for maximizing your blog’s exposure.

#2. Blogging maximizes your marketing dollars and supplements your advertising budget

The cost of maintaining a blog is minimal when compared to printed ads, commercials, and online PPC advertising. Unlike most other forms of advertising, auto insurance industry blogs give people the complete freedom to access the internet and read them – anywhere and anytime they choose. Being easy to find online benefits you when your potential consumers are ready to shop, whether they’re at home or on the go.

Tip: A blog gives you the chance to explain to potential consumers exactly what specifically makes your service and products better than the rest. And it allows you to do so without paying exorbitant amounts for advertising. Use your blog to show how your brand does a better job of comparing insurance rates and providers than your competitors’ brand. Or you can demonstrate how you help people and provide them with answers and advice to their frequently asked questions. For example, one online company, The Zebra, provides free car insurance advice on demand from their website. They display previous questions and answers in a blog-like format, by topic, which makes them easy to search and read.

As well, be sure to include complimentary reviews and testimonials from current consumers as blog posts, when possible. “Word-of-mouth” advertising, which you are able to accomplish through your blog, is not only inexpensive, but it’s also extremely powerful for gaining new business. 

#3. Blogging establishes awareness of your brand online

A blog provides you with an effective way to tell your readers about all the things which make your auto insurance brand and/or services unique. Blog posts can also be easily pushed out and shared via social media. As people share your blog posts through links with social media, they help spread your company or brand’s messages (and name) well beyond your own reach.

Tip: Create catchy titles for your blog posts that will encourage your readers to click and read them. Make sure your content matches your title though so you don’t let them down. Keep in mind that you’re writing to promote your brand’s image, and well-written blog posts can go a long way towards impressing potential customers and inspiring them to check you out.

Consider using your blog to share stories about why people choose your site and company over others in the industry to compare prices and shop for auto insurance online.

#4. Blogging gives your brand an online “voice” so customers can get to know your “human” side

Without a doubt, people prefer to do business with someone they feel they know and trust. With your blog, you can tell your audience all about who you and what you offer, all through the power of your words. One critical element of being “human” online involves listening to your readers, rather than just broadcasting your own messages all the time. Encourage your readers to comment and make suggestions so they feel like part of the conversation, too.

Tip: Regular blogging attracts readers to your website, so make sure you’re there for them. A useful tip is to keep up with trending topics and current events within the auto insurance industry. Focus not only on national topics but local ones as well. This way, you can blog about the subjects that are important and those which really matter to potential and current consumers.

Here are a few online resources you may find useful for researching auto insurance trends:

#5. Blogging uncovers, establishes and maintains relationships

Building trust, developing relationships, and establishing familiarity are all keys for success within the auto insurance industry. Blogging is a proven way for you to do each of these things. Blogging also gives you the ability to provide your audience with useful and up-to-date content, which is also important for developing credibility with them. And, without a doubt, credibility goes a long way towards making your audience feel comfortable when visiting your site or buying from your brand as well as continuing to do so.

Tip: Use your blog to differentiate yourself from your competition by providing the information that auto insurance shoppers will find useful and helpful.

When you’re in the auto insurance industry, having a blog of any type on your site can definitely make a difference in how people perceive your brand. Plus, with such an opportunity to stand out from the competition that blogging provides, it makes sense to have one, don’t you think?

Are you in the auto insurance industry? What tips do you have for blogging?

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