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How To Use Case Studies To Increase Sales

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Case studies are frequently an aspect of successful marketing campaigns. They play a pivotal role in boosting potential customer confidence, primarily because customers enjoy hearing success stories of how the product worked for others. According to

Use Industry-Specific Data to Confirm Expertise

Broadly classified case studies will intimidate readers as opposed to luring them in. Highly targeted, highly specific case studies are more effective when used alongside a description of your product or service. Reinforcing a need within an industry through case studies, along with presenting a product or service to remedy that need, shows expertise within an industry, increasing the chances that a customer is likely to purchase from you.

Use Handpicked Success Stories

If possible, choose case studies that involve your business or customers directly, such as how an energy management solutions business uses case studies to highlight their customer service, health care facility, business locations and other useful information that reinforces their credibility. Still, many businesses do not have the previous reputation to incorporate these, so it’s prudent to at least use hand-picked success stories and case studies that are as relevant to your industry and client base as possible.

Infuse Case Studies into E-Mail Campaigns and Social Media

Any newsletter or social media page is a ripe location for case studies. A business can even start a conversation among their social media followers by posting a case study that highlights the necessity of having a particular product or service. It is also possible to infuse case studies into direct mail marketing campaigns and telephone sales conversations. Consider all options – from social media to a business blog – as potential for a relevant case study inclusion.

Consider Mobile Video Case Studies

Infusing case studies into trendy mobile video on various social media is a useful way to generate buzz about a company or service. Many companies – from Levi’s to Ford – have used case studies to reinforce their standing in their respective niches. Utilizing humor and relatable, real-life scenarios while remaining focused to the point of featuring a product has been proven to be a successful component of most video case studies.

Always Tell a Story

As with all forms of implementing a case study, it’s important to tell a story. Readers are much more likely to remember something in story form, simply because it’s more appealing and fun to read than listed data. Not only does a story help potential customers remember a product, it also creates an increased sense of trust between both parties due to the product. The service’s potential success can be perceived as likelier based on a case study’s real life experiences.

Separate from Competitors

Without naming your competitors directly, case studies present an opportunity to showcase why your business is superior to similar options in the area. By showcasing why your business goes above and beyond in providing a service, you can increase the desirability of your business without risking alienation from clients who – at the moment – prefer your competitor. Use case studies to sway them to your side instead of attacking competitors directly. Case studies provide a more tactfully subtle form of competitive advertising, which is one of their many benefits.

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