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Twitter’s New Design: How To Make The Most Of It?

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With every passing day, the world evolves. And so does everything around us. The world of information and technology is no different as well. It is transforming at a fast pace, and with it, the world of social media. Every now and then you can find changes made by the social media websites – in their functionality, design, and so on. The primary aim, of course, remains to enhance user experience. Over the last few years, a number of social media websites has experimented with their appearances to improve their performance. The latest in the list is Twitter. And the changes it has made are quite significant.

A Bit ‘Facebookish’ Look

Twitter has long been one of the most popular microblogging websites available on the internet. It has been used over the years by common people as well as the celebrities alike. Users had grown accustomed to the design of this website. However, Twitter still brought about a change in its look. And if you have an active account on Facebook, you are surely going to be reminded about it on seeing Twitter’s new home page. The look seems to be more ‘Facebookish’. It has the similar features of adding a cover image and a display image. Besides, Tweets and other activities are shown in the way Facebook shows the number of friends, photos and so on. However, the question remains: how will you make full use of it?

No Significant Change in the Way You Share

Apart from the design, there has not been any significant change in the functionality of Twitter. If you want to use it for marketing, you can continue the way you used to control it earlier. There is not going to be any difference in the way you could tweet about your company. You will still have to convey your message to your potential clients within the short message, which is allowed. And the number of characters that you can use also remains the same – 140. So, the basic use of Twitter has hardly changed and you can continue tweeting all day long about your business, just the way you used to do earlier.

Relevant across Personal and Business Aspects

The change that Twitter has undergone highlights the website’s intention to become relevant across both personal as well as business aspects. It is expected to become much less difficult now to engage more number of users with your freshly designed Twitter home page. In turn, it will be easier for you to attract the attention of your potential client who are present on Twitter and visits your profile. It might also help you to make them interested enough to return to your page time and again.

Pin Your Favorite Tweets to Acquire Maximum Attention

The new Twitter page shows the list of the tweets made by you. Beside this it also exhibits the number of tweets you have added to your favorite list. But what is more important is the new feature, which allows you to pin your favorite tweets. This can surely play an important role for your business. Pin an offer or some news about your business so that it gets maximum attention from the users. This will also help you acquire maximum visitors to your website from Twitter, which, in turn, can result in increased revenues for you. However, when you pin a post, it replaces any older post, which was pinned earlier.

Share the Word about Your Business

Earlier, when you were using Twitter for your business, you hardly had any opportunity to share the news or events of your business, apart from sharing them through the tweets. However, the current appearance of the Twitter homepage adds a new feature, among others, of adding a cover image to your profile. There is also a display image, which can be added. You can use your own picture in the display image, which is smaller in size. However, the cover image is comparatively larger in dimension. Hence, you can share the news and features as well as several offerings of your business through this image. This is likely to come in handy to help you spread the word about your business in a significant way.

Better to Prefer the New Design over the Older One

The option to return to the older Twitter page still remains. If you do not feel comfortable in the new set up of this old microblogging website, you still have the opportunity to use the original one. As you were quite accustomed to the older design, you might feel comfortable using it. However, you will then miss out on the features and opportunities that the new version of the website had to offer. Hence, it is always better to try out the new additions, which are likely to help you take your business to the next level.

Twitter’s redesign has several aspects. A major one among them, of course, is the fact that it will help the website to monetize itself better. Unlike its earlier counterpart, the new design of Twitter allows easier sharing of the ads on its pages, thus helping the website to earn money in an easier way. Although it offers so many ways to enjoy a better twittering experience, it remains to be seen how users utilize these new features, both at personal as well as business levels.

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