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Top Rules On Instagram Every Website Owner Should Know

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Instagram is a social media platform that is doing well, and at times better, for businesses over Twitter and Facebook. Many small to large scale businesses are opening Instagram accounts and using the power of visual media to attract their targeted audience and increase revenue.

However, when it comes to the use of Instagram, not everyone knows how to use it correctly. If you have decided to join this social media platform, you should be aware of how to do things correctly. This will help you set the ball rolling and in the process attract the right targeted audience to your website.

Rules for posting the good pictures

Now, when it comes to Instagram and its contribution to your site’s success, you must note that you take pictures or photos that are relevant. For example, use the pictures of food and coffee art sparingly unless you are a food blogger. These pictures will do well on Facebook or Pinterest. Here, you will get more likes from older people. When you post pictures of food, ask yourself the simple question — does this picture make people hungry or do they just wish to throw up — if it is the latter do not post this picture at all.

The same also goes for your products. Ensure that you take high-resolution pictures of your products before you post them on Instagram. The chances of sales conversions are high if you take pictures of your products with real people. In fact, users like to connect themselves with real people and this, of course, will give you a competitive edge in the market.

Make sure you take the right photos and include faces

Secondly, do not post pictures of circles of hands and feet. Yes, at times these images are displayed on Facebook. However, unless your image does not show a unique pair of shoes, it is prudent not to post this photo. It will appear that your friends have been tagged in the post, but they are not willing to display faces. This is why they have got together and clicked a picture of either hands or feet. Please keep in mind that pictures of faces tend to get more likes than other pictures. So keep this salient tip in mind when you are posting a picture on Instagram.

Quotes and watermarks

If you post a picture of a person with a watermark, the photo will not be accepted on Instagram, so it is better to keep such a photograph to yourself. The same with quotes, ensure that the captions that you write on the pictures are relevant and they are short.

How often should you post pictures?

When it comes to posting on Instagram, you must ensure that you do not post more than three photographs in one day. Always keep this tip in mind. However, there are some places where the above rule can be broken — for example during a Fashion Week; you can post more than photographs on Instagram. In case you wish to repost a picture shared by someone else, wait for a few hours before you #regram the picture. The rule here is both of you will have the same followers, however, and no one likes to see the same picture twice. The pictures of your products should also follow the same rule.

Should you use the filter options available on Instagram?

Some people love using filters to their photographs on Instagram. When it comes to business and your products, it is wise not to use them. Yes, black and white filters can be used to make the photograph appealing however when you are considering the use of filters think twice. This will bring you more real followers for Instagram. They wish to see the actual picture of the product or offering you have in hand. With the aid of these real people pictures, you will also drive more targeted traffic to your website.

Hashtags and likes

Yes, hashtags are a vital part of Instagram –- unfortunately, people tend to use hashtags too often. It is recommended that you should use 4 to 5 hashtags for every photo or picture that you post on Instagram. Now if you have over 100 followers and your picture does not get more than 11 likes, it is prudent for you to take it down. The users did not like the picture, and so it is wise not to allow it to remain on your website. However, if you are new in the market, have patience and watch the number of likes gradually grow for your products. This might take a bit of time but the wait is often fruitful.

However, unlike Facebook, if you are posting a picture on Instagram, ensure that you do not like your gram. This is not an acceptable rule. You need real followers to like your pictures, and this will invoke credibility and honesty in the long run.

What about videos on Instagram?

When it comes to posting videos on Instagram, you will find that they get fewer likes than photographs. The reason being that videos need to be watched for over 15 seconds before they receive likes. This is why when you are posting a product video ensure that you use it for important events or occasions so that the users would be interested in watching the video and understanding what it is about.

When it comes to products with puppies and babies, they attract more likes, however, do not use them too frequently. Limit such posts to only once a week to receive maximum response and likes.

Therefore, when it comes to the rules of Instagram, ensure that you keep the above in mind. If they are followed, you are likely to get more clicks on your website link. This will attract more targeted customers and improve loyalty as well. These rules will bring in better revenue and give you a competitive edge in the market too!

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