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Top 15 Tools For Content Amplification

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In the early days of SEO, you could post sub-par content to your website or blog, and Google’s algorithm would still favor your site if you posted frequently and had accurate keywords. Those days are gone. Now, high-quality original content is a requirement. Now that everyone is creating high-quality content, the true challenge is to get that content in front of as many potential customers as possible.

You could spend all of your time posting your content across social media channels, blasting it to your email lists, and telling your friends to share it. But that’s a lot of time to focus on marketing. If you truly did it all on your own, your business would get nowhere. These 15 tools will help amplify your content so you can just focus on creating it.

#1. AddThis

AddThis helps you engage and inspire your visitors by making it easier for users to share content. You can add “share,” and “follow,” buttons to your website. You can also add pop up windows to your website encouraging readers to subscribe. It’s a fantastic addition to your website because people are already engaged enough to read your content. It’s likely they’ll want to share it or get more content like it.

#2. Buffer

Buffer is a social media scheduling app that lets you analyze your content so you can post when your audience is online and most likely to engage with your content. You can post the same material at different times depending on the time zone of your followers.

#3. Zapier

Zapier is a website that allows you to access all of your web apps from one platform. Over 300 apps are supported, from Feedly to WordPress and Mail Chimp. You can set up events and triggers (called zaps) within your apps and monitor your activity from Zapier.

#4. Edgar

Edgar is a social media scheduling tool that categorizes all of your posts and catalogues them so they can be re-posted at a later date. You don’t have to schedule anything manually. You just fill in the content and categories, and Edgar does the rest. He’s like a handy little online butler.

#5. SimpleReach

SimpleReach is a content distribution and management tools for your website or blog. It uses your existing analytics to offer predictions on which of your posts will perform best. You can use this real-time data to improve the success of your posts.

#6. Listly

Discover and create great lists to share your content and gain viewers with Listly. Share lists with relevant information that your audience wants to read. You can include your own content and links to your pages.

#7. Zemanta

Zemanta indexes your content and distributes it through ads, sponsored content, promoted recommendations, and links on third party websites. It matches your content with the interests of the viewers, and provides analysis so you can see how your content is performing.

#8. ShareThis

Similar to AddThis, ShareThis makes it easy for users to share your content across social media channels. You choose your website platform and the style of sharing buttons that you’d like, and ShareThis will automatically add them to your page.

#9. Gravity

Gravity is a content distribution tool that lets users choose what their interests are and allows them to only view content related to those interests. You can post your own content here and know that only interested customers will see it.

#10. Buzzstream

Use Buzzstream to improve your outreach through a personalized system. You can search for websites or businesses that might want to share your content, and Buzzstream will automatically find their contact info and create templates so you can easily pitch them your material. Buzzstream will save all of your PR contacts in one location so anyone on your team can easily use the tools and work on outreach.

#11. Hootsuite

Hootsuite automates all of your social media posts from one central website. You can attach all of your pages (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Instagram.). Use Hootsuite to schedule your posts for a week or two at a time and forget about having to come up with new content for a while.

#12. Contently

Contently is the brand trusted by American Express and General Electric to create, optimize, and distribute their online content. The company is located in NYC, and employs nearly 30,000 experts that can help grow your brand.

#13. Cision

Cision is a great tool for business with an established online presence to improve their PR campaign strategy. Use Cision to target social media channels and pages that are frequented by potential customers.

#14. MailChimp

MailChimp takes over your email marketing. It makes sharing your content with your email list easy by providing templates for emails. You can integrate MailChimp with WordPress and Twitter. MailChimp is free if you have up to 2,000 followers. After that, there is a reasonable monthly fee for the service.

#15. Promoted Tweets

Twitter users see promoted tweets in their news feed. Promote your website to targeted users who are likely to be interested in your content. These people might be targeted because of their interests or because they are already fans of your page.

It’s important to create engaging, unique, and relevant content on a regular basis. But creating the content isn’t enough. It’s not good enough to have a treasure trove of awesome posts if nobody ever sees them. That’s why it’s so important to have some content amplification tools up your sleeve. These tools will revolutionize the way you share your content and make sure that as many people see your posts as possible.

And the best part of using content amplification tools is that once you set them up, most of them are automated. So, you’ll not only get better results from your content, but you’ll get to spend less time promoting and more time creating. And the longer you use these tools, the better they are at analyzing your data and pushing your content to the right users. That’s a pretty great deal if you ask me!

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