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The Best 5 Content Marketing Tools for Boosting the Online Presence

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With the rapid development of technology and the internet, businessmen are often inclining towards online reach. The first step is popularising their brand on the internet for a wider outreach. While the content of a website may be top notch, it is useless if the same is not marketed properly. This is exactly where the content marketing tools come into play.

There are several ways to increase the online presence of a brand. It all lies in the proper strategies encircling the content marketing. A brand may have very well written contents with proper resources attached but to no use. None of it matters if the content is not even viewed or read by the target audience.

In this article, we are going to primarily focus on these easy and simple strategies of content marketing and the tools. These content marketing tools require a basic investment, which is made, can work wonders for the brand’s name in market.

What are the most opted content marketing tools?

Content Marketing tools are the ways by which a person can spread and distribute the information about the brand’s products and services. It is done to the online audience for a better outreach and presence. This helps in creating an engaging audience and channeling more traffic to the website.

Some of the primary content marketing tools include:

#1. BuzzSumo

There are several content marketing tools in the market. While some are just there, some actually provide with fruitful results. The BuzzSumo sure does fit into the latter category. There are two primary things that this specific tool aims at:

  • It helps in finding out the niche of the topics that can help in the growth of the website.
  • BuzzSumo is also help in seeking out influencers who can inflict a positive change on the brand’s name.

It has a search area which lets you enter a keyword as per requirement and choice. The tool then reverts back with the social media interaction results of the content related to the keyword. Not just that, it even gives a fair idea about the content that would flourish more so you can do better for the future. This helps you in getting a clear goal on what needs to be improved to match up with the contemporaries.

It even has a backlinks tool which gives you an insight about the top website contents in respect to a keyword. Apart from all this, this tool is very hassle free and easy to operate.

#2. Buffer

Buffer is the content marketing tool that aims for the social media platforms. While you may have come up with the best content, you need to share it with the audience to channel back an audience. This is what this tool helps in. it targets the social media and helps in keeping track of the content that’s shared there.

It even allows you to schedule a specific content that it posts for you. This comes in handy when you are in a rush and have no extra time to indulge in posting in social media. It is very much affordable and easy to handle and comes along with a number of features.

#3. Hubspot

Hubspot is a complete package when it comes to content marketing. It doesn’t just focus on a single dimension but works as a whole. It is primarily used by content makers with former experience and skill. There are a number of types of contents that it manages. They include blogs, SEO, social media, website or even marketing automation.

While the features may be a lot for a number of beginners, they are very easy to use. It is best to not let these overwhelm you because these features can help convert an ordinary content into an extraordinary one. This in turn aids in proper and heavier traffic to the website which is the end goal.

#4. Curata

The Curata content marketing tool is designed to be used by all. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert or somewhere in the middle, this tool has answers for all. There are primarily three things that this focuses on:

  • It helps in generating a good and worthy content supply.
  • Curata is also help in integrating content production.
  • It even aids in analysing how the content is impacting or if it needs any improvement.

Some of the popular features of this tool include a content calendar that can be customised along with data driver insights. This comes a lot in handy when you need to schedule contents just in case you can’t post the content yourself. The data insight gives you a fair idea about the impact of the content. You get an idea of how well the content is doing or if it needs any modification. This can be a bit overwhelming but you get used it over time.

#5. Google Analytics

Many a times people think that the proper writing and distribution of content is what the marketing is about. This is far from the truth. In fact, the real work starts after the content is written and spread out on the internet. This is exactly where the Google Analytics fits in perfectly. It helps in keeping track of how well the content is doing.

It is the perfect way to get answers to a number of queries regarding the content. Some of them include:

  • The amount of traffic that the content is generating
  • The type of content that has the most impact
  • The type of content that is gaining the most amount of traffic
  • The kind of keywords that drawing more audience

Google Analytics is the perfect tool that signifies the SEO based success of the content. It even gives an insight about the scopes and room for improvement. It is best to first familiarise with the features and then divulge in the applications of the same for a better content marketing.

There are several ways to pursue content marketing, while some do it in some way, others prefer a different one. The ones we have mentioned are one of the easiest yet effective tools when it comes to online marketing. If done properly, they sure do produce very good results.

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