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The Art Of Selling Without Being Sold Out

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Many of us are highly likely to know marketing from the traditional perspective. It is essentially a process of making people aware of the existence of services. Perhaps the most clichéd way to execute marketing is through newspaper ads and cold calls. Cold calls are overrated and most of the time ineffective (not to mention annoying to consumers).

Others on the other hand, resort to the use of the dominant entity that is the internet. Online marketing has become such a hit that almost every company in existence has a Facebook page. But, it shouldn’t stop at simply increasing the number of likes. If you really wish to take your business to another level, you might want to try to get out of the box and be more risqué’ with your choices. As they say, “Out with the old, in with the new” and you might just find out the secrets to selling without being sold out.

Stories of success and the like bring great inspiration to those who are just starting their business ventures or simply have plain thoughts of it. I’d like to share with you stories of success by some really amazing companies in the hope that their stories inspire the business god in you to try your luck. Today we will look at five companies that made it past the hurdles of the cruel and sometimes disheartening field of entrepreneurship. What’s even more interesting is that some of the positive feedback about these dynamos came straight from their workers’ mouths.

Search, ads and apps

When we talk about search engines, there is no doubt that Google is the first to come to mind. It is their innovations in search technology that catapulted Google to the top spot. According to Bloomberg Business week, however, “Google didn’t make money until it started auctioning ads that appear alongside the search results. Advertising today accounts for 99% of the revenue of a company whose market capitalization now tops $100 billion.”

Shoulda got a snapdragon

Qualcomm Incorporated, one of the strongest worldwide semiconductor companies continues to design, manufacture and market digital wireless telecommunications products and services. The secret to its success according to observers is simply the value that they put to their human resource. According to a senior staff at Qualcomm, “Where I am at, we are working on the latest and greatest. I work around highly motivated, intelligent people who keep me young and challenged.”

Earth’s largest bookstore

Customer love and marketing strategies are just two of the things Jeff Bezos, owner of the popular online book store Amazon claims to be the keys that opened a million doors of opportunities to him. Despite stiff competition and decreased profit, the company maintains free shipping for its products. According to experts, Jeff’s marketing strategy for the company focuses on long term success rather than making his pocket heavy for just a short while.

Whole People. Whole Planet

Whole Foods Market is perhaps one of the most ground-breaking businesses in the health and wellness ground, and the natural retail powerhouse remains to excite the market with its sales performance and growth unlike its competitors. Their secret? “This company is a mission-based company,” according to their CEO Walter Robb. “This company started to change the world by bringing healthier food to the world. It’s not about the money, it’s about the impact, and this company is back on track as a result of those experiences.”

More saving. More doing.

The world’s prime home improvement trader, The Home Depot, has made it a topmost priority to guarantee its more than 300,000 connections devote as minute time as possible on back-end tasks and in its place attend to customers’ needs. This is what sets The Home Depot apart from other businesses. Their goal is not simply to gain profit from their business but more so to provide an experience that customers would want to go back for every time.

So how can you be like them?

Nowadays, traditional marketing is more likely an extension of your online marketing strategy, rather than a strategy in itself. The goalmouth of traditional selling now is to involve prospects offline and then link and transform them online. This is why it’s crucial that your traditional marketing strategies be assimilated with effective online marketing strategies. It is good to be inspired by the above-mentioned names but to make a name for yourself in the most peculiar scheme possible may just lead your future company’s name to the list.

Bespoke. I first heard of this term when I was viewing some really gorgeous cupcakes from Pinterest. Being the nosy human being that I am, my rather usual stumble upon browsing experience led me to researching what it is about. According to Wikipedia, although the term bespoke may be applied to other areas, it originally exclusively referred to suits. It is the process of tailor fitting an item to fit a customer’s specifications. The term is mostly used by the British and here in America, we know it more as “customized”. Why am I talking about Bespoke? I am blabbering about it because it is one of the biggest trends in marketing nowadays. It allows the customer a free hand at what they want their item to turn out in the same vein that manufacturers can be as creative and as motivated to serve their patrons through this cottage industry kind of method.

There goes one interesting way of owning your brand. If you’re a start-up business or simply want to experiment with what you already have, this might just be what you’re looking for. And just like all those successful companies that you’ve heard of, keep trying.

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