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Sorry SlideShare, You Offer The Best ROI And I Was Foolish To Ignore You

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“Congrats! Your content on SlideShare has been viewed over 10,000 times”. This is the e-mail that I just received from

If I’m honest, I haven’t been particularly strategic or consistent in how I’ve used Slideshare. I wanted to dip my toe in the water without having to make a significant investment of my time or resources.

A great SlideShare case study

My friend and fellow Tweak Your Biz contributor: Helen Cousins put a little more work, time and thought to create this wonderful presentation: “How to Raise Seed Funds and Venture Capital (VC) in Ireland”. It appeared on the front page and has received over 8,000 views.

[slideshare id=27300359&doc=howtoraiseseedfundsandventurecapitalvcinireland-131017104056-phpapp01]

Re-use your existing content

My approach was simple: re-use my existing content on there and see how I get on. I uploaded my first piece of content during July, 2013 and to date, I’ve shared 24 pieces of content on Slideshare:

  • Ahain Group Reports (8)
  • Presentations (3)
  • Blogs (13)
  • I’ve not shared any infographics or videos


The most popular report I shared was: “Social Business, Ecommerce And The Digital Dynasty” with 1,200 views.

[slideshare id=25205738&doc=ecommercesocialbusinessdigitaleconomyreport-130813085350-phpapp02&type=d]


The most popular presentation I shared was: “How To Use Social Media To Kick-Start Your Lead Generation In 2014” with 350 views. This was from a talk I gave earlier this year for the Sales Institute of Ireland at the UCD Michael Smurfit Business School.

[slideshare id=29727831&doc=howtousesocialmediatokick-startyourleadgenerationin2014-140106062358-phpapp02]


For the blogs, I converted them into PDF(s) so that I could upload them. The most popular blog I shared was: “How Sharing Your Presentations on SlideShare Can Market And Grow Your Business” with 1,700 views.

[slideshare id=24345776&doc=howsharingpresentationsonslidesharecanmarketgrowyourbusiness-130717114011-phpapp01&type=d]

Don’t overlook Slideshare, it offers a super B2B ROI

I’m a little embarrassed to admit it but I really haven’t put that much effort into Slideshare. However, it’s now clear to me that this was foolish of me, and perhaps, I’ve become a little too focused on the big 3 of Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

With the exception of writing blogs here on TweakYourBiz, I don’t believe there is a better return on offer for the same amount of my time. I’ve only invested about 3 hours on Slideshare to get these 10K views, and I’ve not being that strategic in how I went about it. I don’t think I could generate that return as easily on the other social media.

For me, the beauty of Slideshare is that it allows you to extend the reach of your existing content and activities for very little effort. Perhaps, I now need to listen to my own advice above and start to take the platform a little more seriously. Sorry SlideShare, I’ve been a silly boy! 🙂

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