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How Organic Content From Your Customers Is Important to Your Website

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Websites are continuously in a struggle to maintain placement on the top of Google, Bing, and other search engine sites. And while you may have a strategy to build up your SERPs, if your site does not use organic content to reach customers, then you may find that even though your page appears on the top of the list, you are not seeing the leads you desire. Organic content is a must for any site which wishes to have a strong ranking and a high viewing audience. Here is how organic content from your customers is important to your website.

Organic Content increases your potential market

Organic content is content which is created by customers. This is extremely important to your website as it gives it credibility. It is one thing for your site to offer a product or a service to a client, but quite another thing when the customer advocates your product or service. According to a survey conducted by North America Content Marketing Institute, businesses found that organic content marketing is the “marketer’s greatest ally”. Further study showed that organic content centered around articles and social media were the best avenues for such customer drove content.

When using organic content to build your SERP and SEO content through your customers, keep in mind that the premise is based upon the customer’s experience. The customer is advocating the product or the service that you offer on a platform which will spark discussion and/or debate. As the content is shared and commented on, the product or service in question will gain more of a potential target market (more exposure yields more visits and potentially more calls to action).

Customer organic content breeds loyalty

When given the opportunity to share one’s comments and concerns about a product or service, a customer feels as though they have a part in the branding, products, and workings of the business which he or she is writing about. Of course, the owner of the site must be engaged with the customers in order to build up the clients engagement and retain their attention and loyalty. Here is where customer service on a multi-channel marketed platform is essential. Sites need to have multi-channel access to customer service and contact so that customers can leave such comments and praise without the hassle. Econsultancy states that “since the customer can be provided with a higher level of service, it can lead to an increase in customer satisfaction and higher retention rates.”

Branching from the multi-channel customer service is the organic content which is created from the customer satisfaction. If a customer is satisfied with the customer service that they received, the person is apt to say so on social media platforms and other forums. However, if the service is poor, a negative association of organic content will be attached to your site. Again, customer service and keeping your customers happy should be an essential part of your strategy.

Organic Content builds your SEO and SERP

Google algorithms look for organic content which is related to your site. Sites which have more organic content from customers are more likely to show up in the top SERPs. This does not mean that you should create “fake” organic content. Such could stifle your presence quite a bit. Remember that the ratings work in cycles. A sudden spike in customer engagement on your site could send off a red flag, and if the content provided shows that it all originated from a sole IP address, your site may get pushed back or marked by google. Neither of which is desirable.

The best method to boost the SEO and SERPs of your site through organic content is to offer videos, pictures, blogs, and other shareable content on the site. Potential clients can then share the content via the social media or website of their choice. Ensure that you provide linkage to your site on the content to build backlinks with the content. Any images which are used on your site should have tags and alt text attached. This will help your SEO. In addition to sharable content, sites should strive to find customers who would be willing to write guest posts or blogs about the products and services that they offer. This is a huge bit of organic content and will substantially boost your presence on the web.


With over a billion websites on the internet and with consumers researching and talking about products and services a great deal more with other people before purchasing, it is essential that sites set themselves apart from those which offer great customer service and products, to a site which has testimonials from customers, reviews from customers, and loyalty from their customers.

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