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10 Best Link Building Services

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Marketing a business online has become an absolute necessity in today’s digital era. Agencies across the industry have been specializing for years, many of them focusing entirely on digital marketing strategies to create an online presence and foster growth for their clients. For entrepreneurs and business owners who are running their own marketing campaigns, engaging with the audience via social media and content creation has become synonymous with operating their brand. If you are a business owner, or you are in charge of marketing for your company, then you simply cannot avoid having a website and some social media accounts that are associated with the brand, especially when you consider modern shopping habits.

Marketing your business online is not as simple as it may seem. There is more to it than simply having a website and using social media to drive traffic to it. No matter what the product or service is that you are selling, how you implement an online presence matters far more than just creating one. If you are cooking an omelet, you can’t just throw the ingredients together into a pan and expect a perfectly shaped product to come out in the end. You need to know how to combine the ingredients. You have to understand how to cook the egg so that it can be flipped without crumbling to pieces or flinging egg yolk across the kitchen. Digital marketing agencies are experts who understand what it takes to build an online presence that actually leads to traffic.

The main method for improving a business’ online profile is through search engine optimization or SEO. SEO is all about using different strategies to increase the expertise, authority, and trustworthiness of a website. In other words, the existence of a page is great, but if no one can ever find it through organic searches, then the likelihood of getting more traffic is almost nonexistent. SEO agencies, or other marketing companies that offer SEO as a service, are built to help business owners and marketers increase the chances of their websites being ranked highly in search engines so that they will get more visitors to their websites. As online shopping and transactions continue to increase in 2022, being a top result in organic searches for your industry becomes incredibly important if you are hoping to find success online and gain customers through search traffic.

SEO itself is a very complex industry because Google, Bing, and other engines are constantly adapting to user needs, which means the methods for optimizing a website often shift. One strategy that is critical to improving SEO is link building. Many agencies are now offering link building services because it is a huge indicator of SEO strength, helping to improve the level of authority that a website has in the eyes of the search engine. As a marketer for your brand, link building should be at the forefront of your strategy for growing your online presence.


What is link building?

Link building refers to a process where a business does the work to acquire links from other websites to their own. These are called backlinks because they “link back” to the business’ site. If a business hires a company with a link building service, then they are paying an outside entity to run their link building campaign. Acquiring backlinks is incredibly important for SEO, helping to improve the authority level of the site from the perspective of the search engine.

Now, not all links are created equally. Years ago, SEO could be greatly improved simply based on how many links your website had acquired. It did not matter if they were low-quality links or if they were from shady websites. It was all about quantity over quality. But then certain practices started popping up, such as websites that were just link farms. This led to changes in how a search engine would analyze backlinks and it became more about the quality of the links rather than the number of them. Backlinks on high-quality websites started to have more weight when it came to search rankings. But what exactly does link building do for a business?

Why is Link Building Important?

Link building matters because it drastically affects the authority of a website. Google, Bing, and other engines use bots to scan the web regularly, combing through webpages and determining how authoritative they are. A huge indicator of that authority is the quantity and quality of backlinks that connect internet users to a particular website. This means that to rank highly in search results, a business needs to have a strong backlink profile associated with its website.

What does ranking highly look like? It is all about page one power. Research shows that the first page of results for any organic search gets most of the potential clicks from users. If you are one of the top three results on that first page, then you are far more likely to receive organic traffic than even the 6th or 7th result on page one. Once you get to the second page of results, there is a huge dropoff in the percentage of clicks. For many local businesses that are in niches dominated by bigger brands, it can be difficult to be found online depending on where you fall in any given organic search. This is why backlink building becomes crucial to any business that is serious about increasing their organic traffic online. When a user performs a search for a keyword related to your field, your goal is to be at or near the top of the search engine rankings so that your business is seen first. Most online browsers are looking for quick and convenient solutions, so they are unlikely to scroll too far before they start clicking on results. At the end of the day, your link building practices will make all the difference in whether or not you can be found online.

Now you might be thinking, how in the world do I go about building links for my website? Fortunately, there are plenty of link building services that specialize in this very topic. They design link building packages around the needs of their clients so that the business owner or marketer does not have to do the legwork of acquiring links. It can be hard to know where to start or what strategies are the most effective. Link building strategies can be complicated, so finding experts who can assist you may be necessary if you are committed to growing your business online. The SEO industry is so important for this very reason. Algorithms continually shift when it comes to the various aspects of SEO, but link building is still a key indicator of a strong internet presence and one of the most important search ranking factors. You need to decide what you are willing to invest in a link building service if you are committed to improving your search position.

What are the typical price ranges for a link building service?

Investing your company’s or your own resources into link building services is certainly an investment, but it is all about weighing the benefits with the cost. A lot of the typical price ranges could depend upon your particular niche and how competitive it is. After all, if you are in a very unique industry with low competition, your business has a better chance of ranking highly in organic searches. It also depends on the kind of link building packages that would work for you. Most link building companies offer prices based on links per month with constant content creation, while others focus more on finding third-party websites that already have content that can include backlinks for their client.

Low-end link building services will average less than a thousand dollars a month. These would be a better option for easier industries with lower competition. As you move up the level of quality for link building, you could see prices around $2,500 per month in the middle range, with higher quality packages coming in at around $10,000 per month. This, of course, depends a lot on the type of links that will come with the package as well as the number of links. Each link building agency is also unique in how it packages its services, so it may be a part of a greater SEO strategy or it could be exclusively focused on link building tactics.

There are plenty of other factors to consider when you are deciding between link building agencies, such as how well they understand your industry, what their reputation suggests about the quality of their services, and how well they work with your personality. These prices are generalizations though, so be sure to do thorough research to compare each agency and its offerings to determine if it is worth the investment.

Best link building companies

Now the question becomes which agency should you look to for the best link building services. The options range from firms that focus on PR to tools that can audit your website’s current SEO to a fully specialized link building agency. Some of them focus more on blogger outreach and guest posts while others look for established influencers to focus their link building efforts. Here are the 10 best link building services that you can partner with to bring your business’ online presence to the next level.

Stellar SEO

This agency understands the importance of high-quality links and how to use relevant sites for their clients. The focus of their SEO services is centered on their ability to create content that is relevant to clients as well as to publishing websites. Through the use of guest posting, Stellar SEO generates quality content that is posted on other websites that will link back to the client’s page. A guest post is an article, blog post, or another piece of content that a page not regularly associated with the creator will publish. These content pieces include topically relevant links alongside the backlinks to the client’s website. Guest posts are a great link building strategy for many types of businesses, so if you want to grow your brand through content link building, then Stellar SEO is a great option.

Screaming Frog

While this SEO agency is not specializing in link building services, it does provide a tool that can create a helpful roadmap to success. This software is a quick website crawler that analyzes your business’ pages to find gaps in its SEO profile. One of the gaps that it can find is broken links. Some businesses will use broken link building to hijack broken pages on the web and use them to redirect visitors to their content. Screaming Frog will help you envision a strong SEO strategy moving forward so that you can fix or update broken links and build up your online presence and achieve better search rankings. Broken links are a big red flag to Google and other engines when they index your website, so this tool will help you avoid that penalty.


Another reputable link building company is uSERP. They focus on digital PR as well as their link building service for clients. Through content promotion and manual outreach, this team finds relevant and high-powered brands to include mentions of the client’s business, earning them high quality backlinks. These link building experts understand that quality links matter and are known for getting better results for their clients in a short time span. After analyzing your backlink profile, they will search for websites to obtain the strongest link possible that will improve their client’s domain authority.

Siege Media

Another agency that focuses on content marketing, Siege Media is built around content creation that leads to high-quality links and better link placement. They are a link building service that works to provide top-notch content that stands out from their client’s competitors and increases the number of inbound links that are drawing visitors back to the business’ website. This often takes the form of a guest post. Creating Google compliant links is extremely beneficial for any online business, and Siege Media hangs their hat on their ability to do exactly that.


BrandPush’s proven digital marketing services focus on publishing content for their clients on news sites. This builds a lot of brand visibility for the client, while also creating organic backlinks that will drive more traffic to their website. Through the use of guest posts on these high-quality websites, BrandPush enhances the authority of their clients in the eyes of Google and other engines. They understand how to find the strongest link that will increase domain authority and traffic for their client. This link building service could be a great fit for your business depending on your niche.

360 PR+

This marketing agency has more of a lean towards PR with some link building services built-in. They specialize in influencer and blogger outreach to feature mentions for their client, which is another form of backlink building. They also blend in the creation of content as a part of their link building strategies to get their clients more traffic via these external websites and social media accounts. 360 PR+ wastes no time or resources on low-quality links since those have little effect and sometimes a negative effect on the domain authority of their client. The best link building happens through great networking, and this agency is full of experts with that skill set.

Page One Power

If you are looking to achieve page one success with a high search engine ranking, then what better name could there be to go with? By researching effective keywords that match their client’s business, they build content around these terms to get better search engine rankings and build links that are relevant to the target audience. Page One Power will design a custom link building strategy that suits your business and will put your website within reach of more potential customers online. With strategic content, keyword research, and manual link building, this agency understands what great search engine optimization looks like for their clients.


If you are looking to gain more customers through promotion from exterior websites, Whitespark does a great job of that. Not so much of a link building service per se, they focus on increasing the number of citations that your business has in other locations. A citation includes your business’ name, phone number, and address. This is crucial for getting your name out there and in front of your target audience while also helping to build up your SEO. Though they are not specifically investing in building up the number of backlinks, the value that Whitespark offers is very similar to other link building services.


Local businesses and brick-and-mortar stores would do well to pay attention to this particular company. Out of all the SEO agencies listed here, this one specializes in helping businesses reach their target audience in specific geographic locations. That means a link building service that is focused on spreading the word in local communities. They do this by connecting local sponsors with their clients to benefit each other within a specific geography. Since search engines do take into account the location of someone who is browsing the internet, this becomes an incredibly helpful service for businesses that thrive more with face-to-face interactions to connect customers with their product or service.


The link builders at this agency focus on one particular medium for growing a business’ audience; podcasts. Listening to podcasts has become incredibly popular as people enjoy them during long commutes, while doing household chores, or even while exercising. Expertbookers.com works with their clients to make guest appearances on podcasts that are relevant to their target audience. Not only does this increase exposure to everyone listening in, but it also provides another opportunity for link building as guests will usually have their websites or social media accounts linked in the description of the episode. If your target audience is really into podcasts, then this would be one of the best link building services you could choose.

How Do you Choose?

There are a lot of different strengths and weaknesses with every SEO agency. You have to be on the lookout for companies that engage in black hat link building, which is any type of link building that uses shady practices or unethical methods to increase rankings. Often these practices can lead to punishment from search engines and hurt your SEO, so it is best to avoid them. One example would be the use of private blog networks. These are often just piggybacking link farms that do not qualify as effective link building tactics. Instead, you want to work with agencies that are engaged in white hat link building. This means that the link building services the company engages in have low risk to the business itself. They are unlikely to hurt SEO and are completely fine in the eyes of Google and other similar engines. Make sure that the company you work with is only offering white hat link building services in your partnership.

Additionally, when looking for the best link building service, consider how this agency will be able to understand your audience. Is guest posting on blogging sites a better way to get in front of potential customers or will the decision to build links on popular news sites work better? Should the backlink building campaign focus more on obtaining a high quantity due to a nonexistent link profile or does your business need just a few links that are very high quality? Is broken link building a strategy that would be effective?

As you choose which link building company will work the best for your business, just remember the whole purpose of working with them. You are trying to improve your rankings in searches to be seen by more potential customers. High-quality links from authoritative sites will level up your authrority, giving you a better chance of moving up the search results and becoming a more visible brand. The best link building services are not necessarily a match for every kind of business or client. Find one that suits your needs or has had success with other brands in your industry. Your number one concern should always be for your customers and how to get the solution that your product or service offers in front of their eyes, and a great link building service can help you do that.

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