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Sell Your Brand And Success Will Follow Automatically

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With the majority of businesses breaking into more eCommerce space, the process can go a bit of a whirlwind. With eCommerce power being shifted from businesses to the hands of customers, maintaining

So why are Customers Obsessed about Brands?

Products have lifecycle but brands outlive products. A good brand conveys uniform quality, credibility and experience throughout the product’s lifecycle. A brand is influenced and created by people, style, culture, perceptions and right now social media. Once established, it can:-

  • Sell your products at a much higher price point
  • Increase the valuation of your company
  • Enhance loyalty in the customer.

Customers will always remain loyal to brands that never disappoint them. They know that a well-established brand will always fulfil their needs.

Here’s how you strategize your eCommerce brand:-

Highlight your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Pinpointing your USP requires hard soul creativity. It requires a thorough research and understanding of your products. Determining your USP differentiates your brand from your competitors. It should highlight your brand’s story, philosophy, and the unique aspects of your goals and business products. It gives your customers a reason to purchase your products from you. For instance, Charles Revson, the founder of the popular brand ‘Revlon’ used to say ‘he sold hopes and not make-up. This is the USP ‘peg’ on which to hang the marketing strategy.

Focus on People and Not Just on Products

The most successful brands that inspire loyalty are the ones who don’t just sell products but focus on what people aspire from that particular brand. This is possible only when brands are the true embodiment of the people behind them. Literally, live your brand and present a cohesive message across all the channels. This is precisely the kind of commitment people buy into. In short, be the face of your brand. Take every opportunity that comes your way to talk, write and tell the story of your brand in your own words.  After all, word of mouth marketing is highly effective as a business strategy.

The Assurance of Quality Products

Product quality can be an effective marketing tool to build brand loyalty. Compromising on the quality of the product can never bring in customers. Customers will gradually start expressing their dissatisfaction through various channels. If you can consistently be able to overdeliver on the quality of products, you can certainly have lifetime customers. Make the product quality, and its features, an important part of your product page to make it visible. A quick example of how to rock your product is by adding a money back guarantee. There will be an immediate rise in sales and a lifelong trust from the consumers.

Uncover the Real Reason Why Customers are Buying Your Products

There is no effective alternative to customer feedback. Your customers are the best source to make you aware of your business flaws. These brutally honest feedbacks clear away any preconceived ideas about your products or services. Go beyond the traditional customer demographics, gender, age and geographic location to understand their behaviours. Get instant feedback and learn what is driving them to buy from you and the vice versa. Act like an amateur psychologist. However, do not get discouraged, as you’ll gradually notice how customer feedback can help you to improve your service.

Personalize Customer Experience

It is like giving more than you take. Personalizing customer experience is a step towards building strong customer relationships. It is more like incentivizing customers. Whether it is a promotion, loyalty program, or deals and discounts, providing those little extras for your customers can build positive brand affinity. Price is never the only reason people buy. You’ve to add other interesting features that address customer’s needs and simultaneously build sales efforts around them. The convenience, flexibility, quality and courtesy are the basics to make your customers come back again and again. When your entire team will start thinking like a customer, the effort will get highlighted in the final products.

Boost the Perceived Value of Your Products

When customers are buying online, they cannot touch and feel your products which means your products are only as good as they look in your product pictures. This is called the perceived value of your brand where customers have faith in your products and consider them to be worthywhen they decide to pay for it. If you can successfully enhance the perceived value of your products, you can definitely increase the demand for the same. However, an increased perceived value can be obtained through investing in:-

  • High-quality product photography
  • Quality content
  • Product description.

Use the Power of Great Website Designs

Don’t ever think of a DIY design. You just cannot establish a stylish, premium brand with a terrible website design. Get a designer who can perfectly make your website go well with your brand. Designing your eCommerce site is extremely important as it will create the actual look and feel of your website. Right from choosing the font, to the selection of images, signage and banners, everything should be carefully considered.

Be Consistent

All the hard work invested in positioning your brand can go in vain if your effort lacks consistency. Consistency in keeping up with the latest trends, listening to the customers, analyzing key metrics shows your interests and involvement in serving your customers. Experiment with new tools to improve the user experience and never forget to share your gratitude with your customers.

An established brand will always help you to stand above the competition and avoid having to compete on price. Most importantly, be true to your brand. Customers will never return or refer you if you fail to deliver on your brand promise.

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