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Revealed! The Best Kept Email Marketing Tricks of Successful E-retailers

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In spite of the popular claim that email is no longer a relevant marketing avenue, the data simply does not support this statement.

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Get in on the action by applying these 5 lesser-known tricks to your email marketing.

#1. Utilize the New Technology at Your Disposal

Embrace the technology at your disposal. Access sophisticated technology methods that were once the domain of IT professionals, but can now be utilized by any marketer, irrespective of location or industry.

How does this help you?

For starters, you no longer have to rely on IT staff to accomplish business-critical activities. Tasks that used to take days earlier can now be completed in minutes using the right technological resources or free tools.

Email isn’t all that different. New technology means you no longer have to wait around for developers to code your emails. Now, do what usually took weeks in a matter of hours:

  • Ensure each customer touch-point plays up the strengths of your brand.
  • Use modern email service providers to engage potential buyers through easy-to-use, intuitive tools.
  • Create eye-catching emails without facing any kind of developmental issue.
  • Make use of pre-designed email templates to ensure each aspect of your email retains a professional quality.
  • Customize your email templates using DIY email tools. Explore options like editable layouts, drag-and-drop technology, and the ability to choose certain fonts and colors.

Take some time to get used to the different tools. Once you become familiar with them, create a great email template that reflects your brand perfectly.

#2. Be Mobile-Friendly

Stay relevant in the mobile age. Consumers are now more connected than ever before through their mobile devices. They are using voice search to find anything on the web, social engagement and spending more time online with their smartphones. Even more so than desktops. So, embrace a mobile-first mentality across all your channels. Do not make the mistake of treating mobile as a separate channel when mobile touches every aspect of marketing.

time spent online mobile vs desktop


Design your emails to be compatible with mobile devices. A mobile-friendly design is a critical component of effective mobile email marketing.

  • Make sure the opening line is compelling and relevant as it will appear in the preview window on mobile devices.
  • Write the email body for any size devices.
  • Use short paragraphs, subheadings, and lots of line breaks.
  • Avoid content that involves a lot of scrolling and clicking.
  • Employ location-driven email marketing by examining cross-channel contact data and demographics.

#3. Stay Relevant at All Times

Make sure your emails don’t end up in the trash; keep them relevant at all times. Focus on delivering the right message to the right person at the right time. The more relevant your email is, the more revenue you will earn.

A study by Experian shows that emails containing customized subject lines are 26 percent more likely to be read.

personalized title have more open rates

Personalization is easier than ever now. Just focus on three main components –

A) Segmentation

Use segmentation to group customers according to their purchase history, demographic details, and browsing activity. Craft customized email messages for specific groups based on this information. Mr. Vishwa Deep, co-founder of niche coupons and deals curation portal says, “We have experienced massive improvements in coupon redemption purely by using past purchase information of our subscribers to send them more customized newsletters.”

B) Email Automation

Email automation is the robotic workflows that send timely and personalized e-mails to every subscriber in your list. You just need to set automation once to communicate with your readers.

We have increased our weekend sales by sending offers & deals to our subscribers with the help of automation. So, make use of email automation to develop workflows so that your customers can receive personalized, timely, target-specific content at the proper moment. Says, Nicholas Chachula founder of

With automation, one can track activities that readers are doing with your email like open rates, link clicks, delivery rates, etc. Initially, you can use MailChimp the free email marketing tool to start and learn automation.

C) Dynamic content

Dynamic content means content that is fine-tuned according to the precise interests of the individual customer; a one-size-fits-all message will not do the trick. The thumb rule of dynamic content is to provide the right data to the right person at the right time.

For example, if your customer is hesitant to proceed with their purchase and require an incentive, you could send them an email containing a link to a coupon website to help them with their decision.

#4. Add Analytics to Your Email Marketing Strategy

Do you know that 90 percent of all data in the world was produced in the past year? It might sound intimidating but look at it as an opportunity to understand your customers better and improve your business success. Employ data and analytics to identify consumer details for targeted insights, and even build management features for collecting, storing, managing, and analyzing the data found in the customer profiles.

Gather real-time data and use it to improve your knowledge, adjust, and optimize your campaigns. Understand that not all audiences are the same. So, test out your audience first to see what works. Make adjustments on the fly and enhance your campaign performance constantly. Make sure you know which parts of your email campaign affect engagement and seal purchase decisions. This will allow you to improve your performance in both the short term and the long term.


The success of your business depends greatly on the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign. So, devote sufficient time to it, and make sure you integrate the above-mentioned tricks correctly into your existing campaign to grab new customers and drive up sales.

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