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Practical Tricks and Tips Listing High on Google Search Engines

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Today, it’s almost impossible to think about successfully running your brand or company without a website or digital media presence. However, with countless new websites launching every day, getting to the top of the list is easier said than done.

One of the most effective ways of getting to the top of search engine results is through search engine optimization (SEO). You’ve likely heard a lot about SEO and how getting the right formula can see your business’s digital presence skyrocket.

However, you’ve also heard that getting this formula right is a job best left to the experts. And while this is partially true, there’s a lot you can do on your own to boost your overall search engine rankings. Let’s have a look at some easy-to-implement SEO tactics with feasible and proven results.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

At the very core, SEO means a wide array of strategies you can employ to boost your ranking. As mentioned above, these strategies are not the easiest to implement. In some cases, you’ll need experts to hold your hand and guide you through the process.

Fortunately, whether you’re running a growing business with a limited marketing budget or are new to the digital marketing space, there’s still what you can do. Most of the tips and strategies shared below are easy to implement.

With some practice and trial and error, you’ll be able to curate the perfect SEO strategy for your online brand.

3 Easy SEO strategies to help boost your online presence

1. Make use of long-tail keywords

Keywords are the phrases a web user will type to access the service or product they are looking for. For instance, if you would like to buy milk, you might search for ‘best milk brands, quality milk near me, or affordable dairy products.

In this example, it would be somewhat awkward to see a lawn mowing company appearing on the search results. This is because search engines like Google will prioritize service providers that deal with the specific keywords.

By implementing the suitable keywords in your website and content, you’ll stand a better chance of appearing on the search results. This means you have to do some research to better understand your potential customers and what they are looking for.

Additionally, it’s not enough to use keywords like milk and dairy, as these are pretty general. For example, someone could be looking for dairy-free recipes, in which case you might appear in the search results.

The best approach with keywords is to narrow in on what the consumer is looking for. With the keyword examples listed above, you’re almost certain the consumer is looking for milk products and not dairy-free recipes.

By using the right long-tail keywords, you’re able to target the user directly and more effectively. This will help you rank better, especially for those searching for the exact product or service you provide.

2. Focus on providing rich and relevant content

Have you ever searched for something on the internet to end up on a website with dated or irrelevant information? It takes less than a minute to realize this is not what you’re looking for and close the tabs in most cases.

Google closely monitors the interaction web users have with your website. If most of your web visitors come and go in a few minutes, this alerts the search engine that something is wrong with your content. Consequently, the search engines will prioritize web pages that attract and keep the attention of the visitor.

To improve visitor engagement and interaction, you should focus your efforts on providing quality content. For instance, if your website carries out reviews on products, you should ensure the content is exhaustive, accurate, and relevant.

Since it’s impossible to predict everything in the future, your website may include outdated information. To fix this, you should periodically review previous content and make sure everything still holds true. You can update the content to make it more suitable for the times.

Moreover, while reviewing previous content, check whether all the links are fully functional. Fix any dead links to better appeal to both the web user and search engines.

In the world of SEO and digital marketing, content is king.

3. Give attention to high-quality backlinks

When your website contains high-quality and relatable content, other websites may link back to you. These links from external sources, known as backlinks, are the most effective ways to improve your search engine ranking.

Ideally, backlinks act as proof that you have the right content. However, to have a felt impact, the websites linking back to your content need to have some repute.

You can get these backlinks organically, where you focus on providing quality content. Eventually, other pages will notice the uniqueness of your content and start using it as a reference point by linking back to it.

Alternatively, you can scout companies that could benefit from your content and approach them directly. One way to improve your success is by checking to see if they have any dead links in their content and then notify them while offering your website and content as a choice alternative.

Another simple yet highly effective way to get high-quality backlinks is through blogger outreach. Admittedly, you can’t reach all your current and potential customers. You may, however, increase your reach with the help of other bloggers.

If you have a quality product that resonates with bloggers, you can partner up with the bloggers to grow your audience. Basically, these bloggers will write a piece based on their user experience and link back to your web page.

Since these bloggers have a following of their own, you’ll appeal to more potential customers and solidify your brand through reputable sources. Magfellow can help you connect and partner up with relevant bloggers and influencers in your field.

Ultimately, these tips will help you rise to competitive search engine results. The better you rank, the more your chances of attracting the right web visitors and converting them into return customers.

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