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Do Bing And Yahoo Even Matter?

Many internet marketers don’t give Bing or Yahoo a second thought and concentrate their efforts exclusively on Google. After all, with Google pulling in the vast majority of the world’s search queries, it’s a lot easier to focus both organic and paid search strategies there. However, between the two of them, Bing and Yahoo control […]
September 6, 2012 1,094 Reads share


Using LinkedIn To Market Your Business

How many articles about social media are there? 1 million? 2? Do you really think we need another one? Well, I think that we do, and this here’s the reason why. The invention of social media sites gave us, the small business owners, near infinite possibilities for marketing ourselves and our companies. And still, I […]
September 4, 2012 809 Reads share


Is Mobile Marketing Overtaking You?

If there’s one thing that ties us all together, it’s ownership of a mobile phone. As smartphones become more or less the norm, the growth of mobile marketing is phenomenal, and its potential almost unknown. 6 billion people have mobile phones, which represents 87% of the world’s population.
September 3, 2012 680 Reads share


How to Distribute Your Business Cards The Right Way

Business cards have always been there to aid any company in more ways than one. It wasn’t created just to be used as a bookmark or as a scratch paper. People use them to spread the word about their upcoming or ongoing business, and to make sure that future clients will be able to contact […]
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Four Olympic Takeaways For Business Owners

The Olympics have come and gone. I loved it; perhaps because it was on my timezone but it is a fascinating experience to watch. All the athletes who come out to compete after four or more years of hard training and sacrifice. I was enthralled and I know I wasn’t the only one. I got […]
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