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Never Backing Down: The Latest Trends in Content Marketing

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The term content marketing speaks for itself. The main leverage of content marketing would be, of course, content. It is the meat and grit of the business and it is the conduit to reach a target audience. Using good content and relevant ones for the specific interests of your target audience will make them future customers.

The success of content marketing does not reside on organic search domination. Its success lies on how you get your message to the right audience using relevant platforms, the right tools and the proper channels that will ensure great results.

Since we are undeniably at the peak of this technology generation, virtual market growth will become more and more promising. As a matter of fact, content marketing statistics even projected that at this rate, content marketing is up to a 33 billion dollars economy at the turn of 2018.

With competition becoming more uptight, the only way to stay ahead of the game is to be innovative. It is imperative to go with the flow of the most recent trends in content marketing. A lot of trends, however, surface but not all of them are commendable. Make sure that you adopt the trends that could give your content market the greatest impact.

It is high time to increase your traffic and return of investment by spicing up your business plan using these 2016 content marketing trends.


Through the wide use of internet technology, automation may be the biggest trend in content marketing this year. Automated marketing strategies make use of efficient web services and mobile applications to save your time, effort and resources by posting your content in your website, social media and other of your platforms automatically, following a set interval or schedule.

Automation becomes a very powerful tool when coupled with equally powerful ad services to sponsor your content. It is best that you tie up with ad services capable of distributing your content at an automated rate to different media platforms. There are available ad services which has commendable content studio and flexible workflow software which brings branding, creation of content and automated publishing all in a one-stop shop while meeting your time frame and allotted budget.

Visual Mediums

Internet technology is highly visual so you have to target the trend that exactly meets this fact. Having a good grasp on multimedia content has an oozing impact on your business’ overall credibility. Complex and high definition visuals send off an important message that you are on top of content technology and that the messages you want to relate have a higher degree of truth.

Customers and audiences are keen to visual quality and the more their eyes are fed with HD visuals will make them subscribe on your business more. It is a widely held fact that audiences using internet technology are more likely to retain information from a good visual medium.

According to content marketing surveys, videos will eventually become the face of visual mediums. There is a proven 70% remark from audiences and customers which state that watching videos with high multimedia leverage will develop audience’s good impression on your business as a whole. Furthermore, a growing trend in visual mediums also includes the use of infographics.

Making use of sophisticated infographic set-up which presents simply facts, processes and statistics are highly effective. Easy to digest infographics have remarkable effects on content marketing. To finally hype up visual mediums, it will also be best if you include interactive polls, surveys or even short simulation games to raise the level of user engagement with your brand.

Influence Marketing

One of the newer trends of content marketing involves leveraging a network of influencers. By this, content marketers choose key individuals who will serve as brand ambassadors. Using this strategy also entails that you have to weigh the reach of your options for ambassadors. By involving popular ambassadors, you shall also be capitalizing on their spheres of influence through their network of followers.

This type of content marketing strategy will be most viable through an intensive use of the social media. Remember that whatever your brand ambassadors advertise will have a huge effect on the decisions and judgments of his/her network of followers so you have to choose the best person for this because this strategy is as good as word of mouth marketing. If you are having a hard time considering this major trend, there are already web services available to help you source out people of influence that are already within your network.

Computer Algorithms

With the success of internet technology, media developers are finding more efficient techniques to improve wireless services. One of these improved tools that could be used in content marketing (and with that has been one of the hottest trends for this kind of business) is the use of computer algorithms.

Some media platforms have been experiencing duplication of content because their niches are too lenient for this stuff. To avoid duplication and a potential decrease in audiences and customers, the best option is to use computer algorithms.

Just recently, it has been revealed that content marketers have been using computer generated contents. While it is true that freelance content writers are effective, computer algorithms save time and ensures that all content produced are 100% original. Duplication will be prevented and your customers will stay with your line looking forward to more of your content.

Following this domain in content marketing, there are already notable softwares that generate content for web markets at an automated method. Through comprehensive computer algorithms, the rate to which you could reach target audiences better and more relevantly is no longer a problem. All you have to do is to narrow down the keywords you will be using in generating computer algorithms for you to build specific messages to specific audiences.

Computer algorithms are also efficient in instantly answering context-based questions entered in search engines. This impact of this strategy will most likely become evident when you identify the target audience for your market. Knowing who you want to reach will help you in curating the most relevant topics for your audience at a roughly fast speed through computer algorithms.

Not Getting Left Behind

At the end of the day, the promise of content marketing lies also on flexibility. This means that as content marketers, you need to make a deliberate effort not to get left behind when it comes to the newly set trends in this kind of business. Maintenance in the context of content marketing entails that you get to adopt easily with the diverse trends and make sure that you only adopt the ones that are relevant to the message you are meaning to deliver.

As have been said, content is your most prized commodity and you have to be intuitive enough and creative at the same time to sift through the best content marketing strategy that will raise the bar of content marketing for you and your business to stay on the game regardless of the rigid competition.

The only way to get on top is to know what is hot. Go with the trends and get your content on point. The promise of this market all boils down to how flexible your strategies are.

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