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Why You Need Instagram When Promoting Online

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Instagram is a mobile app that allows users to take and upload photos, but you may be wondering why Instagram is different from simply using your mobile phone camera. Instagram allows you to instantly take photos, before passing them through a fast editing process using a unique set of filters and tilt-shift features, setting them apart from the rest.

Instagram has risen to fame much faster than any other mobile phone app, it is addictive, and it has users hooked worldwide. So how is Instagram great for business? The answer is simple. Where the public goes, your business should follow. Instagram is a great way to promote your brand, and it could hold the key to unlocking your social media presence.

Instantaneous Branding

With Instagram, there is no waiting around until you can access your office computer. Simply use your Android or iPhone to snap a photo, edit it, upload it, add a comment using hashtags and share it with your brand profile within a matter of seconds. This makes advertising a whole lot easier, not to mention that it is also free of charge.

Another great thing about Instagram is that you don’t need to go through a lengthy sign up process to take advantage of all the features. You can jump right in and set up your brand, making this app a must have for business owners.

Unleash Your Inner Photographer

Many business owners struggle when it comes to social media. Some find that they don’t have a way with words, whereas others simply don’t know how to hone their creative instincts. Nearly everyone however knows how to take a photo, and it is easy to distinguish a great photo from a not-so-great photo.

If you feel as though your camera skills aren’t quite up to scratch then this is also not a problem. Simply use the Instagram foolproof editing system and watch your photos pop to life right in front of your eyes. This will increase the potential of your photos, as well as adding credibility to your brand.

Adding Interest to Your Brand

Another great thing about Instagram is that you can showcase your products and services. Instagram filters can make anything look great, from office supplies to garbage removal services and even sewage cleaning systems. Capture humorous work moments or simply add a quirky comment to your latest photo collection, Instagram allows you to add a personality to your brand, something that other social networking sites fail to compete with.

Location is everything

Google + allows you to attach a physical location to your brand’s online presence. This is great for business owners, and it makes you look more reputable as a company. Instagram is fully integrated with the Foursquare location database, which allows you to Geotag the location of the photo. For example, if you capture a disastrous moment at work, you can tag your place of work in the photo so people can relate more to your situation, especially if you appeal to a local audience. If your customers are browsing photos that were taken in a specific area and your photo shows up, you may have a new customer!

Securing A Following

One of the best things about Instagram is that you can’t post links. Many business owners feel as though this is a bad thing, because it makes it harder to directly promote yourself. In reality, it is a positive feature. People will be more likely to follow you on Instagram because they won’t feel as though they are going to get bombarded with spam. If you focus on posting interesting photos and images that feature your brand, then customers are more likely to follow you on Instagram when compared to anywhere else. Another great thing about Instagram is that you can link it to your Facebook and Twitter account. This will link your social media accounts, giving you a much higher chance of securing a following.

Although Instagram doesn’t provide you with the linking opportunities that other social networking sites have to offer, Instagram remains to be one of the easiest and fun-to-use social sharing sites out there. It is very effective at establishing your brand image and name, not to mention that it is also great for those who don’t know a lot about social media!


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