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Minority Report-Style Targeting Is Real: How To Quickly Analyze Your Customers And Competitor’s Efforts Using Facebook

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Have you ever noticed how the ads on Facebook are usually about things you care about?  It is no coincidence, you are being targeted based on your interests. When you click LIKE on a Facebook page, advertisers are able to target these interests and serve to their intended audience.

They can even target users based 

We noticed topics like child abuse, forgiveness, inner peace and psychological trauma had the highest density of overlap (above 30% of audience).  This means that these topics are what most people in and outside the example fan base have in common.

There was a larger overlap of conservatives than liberals amongst this fanbase.  This makes sense, since conservatives tend to have strong religious belief.

When comparing musical interests, the majority of users naturally had a strong liking for Christian, Gospel, and Hard Rock/Country music:


We can use this knowledge to help tweak the ad campaigns to audiences that would be the most interested in the donation campaign.

Diving into Partner category data, we’re able to have a deeper understanding of financial and educational standing:


The 3 major audience profiles we noticed :

#1. Working women, teen drivers, and newlyweds showed the highest overlap in interests.  This portrays young adults just starting in life, and are both highly active in social media / very concerned about self-esteem and life goals.

#2.  A large percentage of the audience rent their houses, showing that some fans are not quite ready to settle down and purchase a house. The majority of users that do own homes are in the lower home value category.  This implies an audience that isn’t necessarily rich, and is searching for clarity in life. These people are middle-class folks who only completed high school, working in blue collar/craftsmen, white collar/clerical, and business/technical industries.

#3. Fans are individuals with enough money to live an active lifestyle with modest purchase behavior.  They’re Christmas season shoppers who enjoy buying gifts for others. They tend to purchase outdoors / sports equipment, and personal goods such as makeup and jewelry- which ties in with being concerned about personal appearance.

This information is not just applicable to Facebook ads.  Companies can apply this data toward optimization of any marketing activities.  Facebook just happens to be the largest and richest source of data at the moment.

Try making your own affinity grid and let us know what interesting facts you find out! You can grab the affinity grid worksheet by clicking here.


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