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Making Facebook Welcome Pages Work For Your Small Business

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Customised Facebook landing tabs have been growing in popularity for small businesses.  Free and low cost applications such as Pagemodo allow you to easily create your own ‘Welcome page’ and for a more professional look you can hire someone to design one for you.

A Facebook landing page or welcome tab is a customised page that visitors arrive on before they have clicked ‘Like’.  A quick search on the Internet will give you links to some beautiful examples however most of these are for well established brands.  The Red Bull page for example is clever and brilliantly designed but wouldn’t work for a small business as it relies heavily on brand awareness.  So when creating small business Facebook landing pages what should we consider?

1. Get the Like

Your welcome page is where potential fans land before they click the ‘Like’ button, once that button is clicked they are unlikely to revisit it so it’s important to grab their attention and get them to click ‘Like’ whilst they are there.

It might seem obvious to regular Facebook users to click ‘Like’ but for many others it ‘s not so clear.  For these reasons the main purpose of your page should be to get that ‘Like’.  Arrows, pointing at the button are a common device, make it clear what visitors have to do, tell them to click the ‘Like’ button. I love this page from Passion For Creative.

2. Give the benefits

It’s all very well asking for the ‘Like’ but why would someone like your page?  What are you offering them for that ‘Like’? Is it up to date information? Industry news? Facebook only offers and discounts?  Always let people know what the benefit to them is of joining your page, give them a reason to Like you and make it clear on your page.  Micks Garage does this well offering freebie Fridays.

3. Define your business

If someone arrives on your page how do they know what you do?  Your logo and name, like mine, may not be easy to interpret.

When we look at those lovely big brand landing pages we usually know what they do.  Red Bull don’t need to tell us they sell energy drinks, their brand is well established internationally, but as small businesses we have to define ourselves. So whatever industry you are in, be it financial services, retail or web design, make sure you add a tag line or description of your business so that it’s absolutely clear.  MyKidsTime have done this really well, outlining exactly what their business is about.

What have I left out?  What do you think is essential for a good landing page for small businesses?  Do you have examples you’d like to share?  Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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