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Live Chat Software That Will Make Your Company Run Smoother

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It’s no secret that using live chat software on your website can boost your conversion rates drastically.  However, there is a lot of live chat software available to you at this current moment.  How do you decide which piece of software is right for your company?  We’ll help you decide by analyzing the pros and cons of several popular live chat options.


Velaro is a great option if you’re running an e-commerce site of any sorts.  This software comes with a built in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool and various shopping cart tools.  These tools will allow you to strike up a conversation using a customer’s browsing history as inspiration or will allow you to suggest similar products.  You can also search through chat history for up to two years.

Another big plus of Velaro is the fact that you can build your package from the ground up, allowing you to only use the features you actually need.  At $99.95, Velaro is quite a steal and essential for e-commerce websites.


LivePerson is definitely an industry leader in the life chat software world as it was one of the first ones to materialize.  As such, they are one of the most popular live chat software programs.

LivePerson will cost you a hefty $99.99 each month.  However, you definitely get what you pay for.  LiveChat is directly compatible with Facebook and Salesforce and will give you a full range of analytical tools to use.  This has been used successfully by many businesses to help with customer retention.  You also can check your statistics from a virtual hosted desktop, which makes this software extremely accessible.

Comm100 Live Chat

If you want a simple program that will give you a live chat feature, Comm100 Live Chat is a winner for you.  This piece of software integrates with Salesforce and gives you content management and e-commerce plugin options such as WordPress, Joomla and Shopify.

The nice aspect about Comm100 LiveChat is the fact that you can customize the actual interface on your site to match your company’s tone and branding.  You can also remove the Comm100 LiveChat logo, which is enticing for many small business owners who are still in the process of branding.  Comm100 LiveChat allows customers to rate chat operators, which will help give you feedback as to how helpful your operators are.


BoldChat is one of those software programs that allows you to pick your tier and/or plan depending on how many features or agents you would like to utilize.  Pricing ranges anywhere from $99 to $1,000 a year depending on the features you choose.  For example, if you pick the Pro version of BoldChat, you can specify what targeted range of customers you would like to chat to regarding particular products and/or services.  However, if you use BoldChat’s free option, you won’t be able to track visitors or customize the chat window but you’ll have access to other basic features.

In general, BoldChat’s free option is a good choice for business owners who are just starting out or who don’t yet have the hang of online chat software.

What live chat software do you use?

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