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Infographic: Growing Manufacturing Through Quality Processes

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The ISO quality standard is known to many of us but as the saying goes, you also have to walk the walk and not just talk the talk, which means you have to be prepared to actually deliver on the promises you make. Having ISO certification for your business will give customers a certain level of comfort that you have some quality processes in place that should translate into a reasonable standard of service or product.

This infographic takes a look at how it is possible to increase the figure on your bottom line by adopting quality processes that go beyond the basic certification standard. ISO certification can certainly be a great help in opening doors to new customers, especially overseas buyers who rely on the mark to confirm your level of competence amongst other things.

Following a process in your manufacturing business from start to finish will help you maintain a much tighter grip on costs, productivity and pretty much everything else in your business that can be measured and documented for quality purposes.

Six sigma is a concept that often holds the key to attaining that valuable ISO certificate and what it is and what it can do for your business, is explained in a way that allows you to see its merits.

You might even want to employ someone with a Black Belt to help you through the ISO process if you don’t have someone within the business with the same level of knowledge and experience.

Their martial arts skills won’t be tested, but having a Black Belt Six Sigma Certification means that this person could prove invaluable in helping your manufacturing business to grow by achieving high quality standards.


Infographic source : Midlake

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