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How White Label Digital Marketing Solutions Help Double Revenues and Profit

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Internet marketing is a broad term, an umbrella of services come under it, ranging from social media marketing to video marketing, to web development, to email listing and search engine marketing. Each internet-marketing service is a mutually exclusive field requiring a different set of expertise and skills to master. Acquiring proficiency in all fields of internet marketing is a time-consuming process and needs investments over the long period, as it requires cultivation of talent, resource and infrastructure development, and training.

It is the reason agencies rarely offer all internet-marketing services. From the quality perspective, the approach does make sense, as focusing on a specific internet-marketing medium let agencies offer tailored and quality services. However, in the internet age, marketing agencies cannot afford to say no the clients and lose them to the competitors, if they want to remain competitive. Clients or consumers’ expectation have increased, so agencies as well have to level up their services and expand the portfolio of their services.

What options do internet-marketing agencies have?

One option is to try “do-it-yourself” solutions by commencing on the long course to acquire talents and develop resources with substantial investment and time, with the probability of failure always lurking upon. And another option is white label services, an old manufacturing and service sector practice, which involves a rebranding of the service or product in order to make it look in-house.

Since white labeling is the easiest way to avoid the pitfalls of development of a service—such as making mistakes, which others mastered, slowing down time to market, spending money for infrastructure, stretched learning curve—many agencies are embracing the solution. Given the business opportunities offered by white labeling, a raft of services are available for internet marketing, including white label PPC management, Shopping ads, remarketing, social media management, content creation, SEO, App development and many more.

Following are the points that can help understand the importance of white labeling in the internet-marketing agency:

#1. Increase Revenue

The biggest benefit of white labeling is increasing the revenue by cutting the operation cost substantially. For example, by collaborating with a white label AdWords agency, one can get an entire team of AdWords experts at any given time at the cost of a full-time employee. White label agencies often operate out of countries where talent cost is lower, and thus, can offer technical services at discounted price.

#2. Expertise at disposal

Everyone knows getting an expert with industry experience onboard is hard. However, when you outsource PPC management, you get access to expertise for a wide range of services, like remarketing, audits, shopping ads, and many more. Agencies that provide white label services typically employ teams of professionals, who undergo training aggressively and are mentored by seasoned experts, which make it easier offer tailored services.

#3. Saves time for you

Developing an expertise—involving infrastructure development, recruitment, training—from scratch takes substantial time. Many businesses have circumvented the development stage, hence, saved significant time, and used the time instead to focus and reinvent the core competencies. White labeling helps you save time and provides time to focus on other critical elements of business.

#4. Expand Portfolio

White label indisputably is the easiest way to expand the portfolio of a service provider, and that is the reason many agencies collaborate nowadays. With white labeling, which allows to serve clients real time, agencies across the globe are attracting more clients by expanding the portfolio without incurring extra cost. Given the opportunity, many agencies now do not just focus on white label PPC; SEO, app development or content development services are also offered by many agencies.

#5. No investment in infrastructure

Virtually there is no need of infrastructure development and procuring equipment with white labeling. Partnership with a white label AdWords Agency is like opening a new branch, equipped fully with equipment and step, with no cost at the outset. The flexibility offered by the white label in terms of investment is unparallel, letting business to expand and develop services in-house.

#6. Keep clients happier

Meeting an end goal of a client is easier with white label solutions, as you, based on the need, can have a contractual relationship with a service provider for a brief period. Since your clients do not have to wait for you to develop a solution, the clients remain happy. You also avoid chances of the client moving to the competitors who already have prepackaged solutions and develop sustainable and successful business.


White label digital marketing services are not limited to white label PPC management; instead, many agencies offer an array of solutions that can help business to emerge as a one-stop solution agency with the capability to offer a range of services. Here we discuss those internet-centric services that can be availed by agencies around the world as white labeled solutions.

  • White Label PPC: From the setting the account, to maintenance, and optimization, white label agencies can offer end-to-end services at a great price. Along with the standard white label PPC activities like ad copy, tracking the conversion, monitoring the search terms, and employing the negative keywords, White Label AdWords Agency also offers specialized services like Shopping ads and re-targeting services nowadays.
  • Social Media Management: Social media management involves the development of strategy, content creation, and repeated consumer engagement, which commonly warrants a team of creative people with the ability to carve specific campaigns. Gauging the requirement, many agencies provide the social management service with a dedicated team at the competitive price.
  • Content Creation: Be it paid search, social media or search engine optimization, for all content is the driving force that determines the performance. The need of content can now be easily fulfilled with white labeled solutions.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Instead of learning how to perform SEO, it is easier to outsource it to those who know what they are doing nowadays. Many established agencies currently offer their service at a competitive price to get the uniform flow of work.

White label marketing solutions indeed have brought a revolution in the industry. On one end, it is letting smaller organizations expand business and buy time to start in-house services; on other end, bigger agencies are learning cut the operation costs and be more lean and profitable.

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