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How to Make Sure Your Content is Being Seen and Shared

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The number one rule in achieving success through the internet is through content distribution.  If you are an online content marketing specialist then you will know this is true! If your content isn’t read or shared, it’ll hit a wall in views; there are only so many people your blog can reach on its own. However, if just one person shares your content, you have a chance to reach their friends and their friends’ friends, growing your outreach numbers exponentially.

Content distribution may sound complex and confusing, but I assure you, it’s incredibly easy as long as you have basic knowledge of social media and the internet.

#1. Getting your influencers to see the content in the first place

Getting your content noticed by the right people can seem like an impossible challenge, but it is a necessity if you want to achieve success. There are a number of ways to get these people to notice your content.

This step is crucial because if they don’t see your content, they can’t help you distribute it.

Getting your content read is the foundation to having a successful website.

Use them as sources in your content

One sure way to get noticed by a potential influencer is to use them as a source of your content. Include a hyperlink to their page somewhere in your content. In most cases they will receive a pingback and hopefully view your content.

Including a link to their page may also help you instantly with distribution, as companies and blogs tend to share content that mentions them, especially if it sings their praises.

If you mention them in the article, you can either share it on social media and tag their Facebook or Twitter page or you could can even email it to them. (just to make sure they get it)

Using popular hashtags of their brand, product, or website will also increase their likelihood to see it.

Share their content

Sharing various forms of your influencers’ content can be a simple and effective way of getting their attention. Do some investigating and see which social media sources to which they post most frequently.

Your efforts should be concentrated on the platform in which they are the most active. Then, retweet or share their posts on said platform, their web content, or just their website while tagging them or using a relevant hashtag to increase the likelihood of them seeing your post.

The more your name pops up in their notifications, the better. They will be more likely to look at your content when they see it floating around the web if they recognize your name or website name.

Comment on their content

I cannot stress enough how important it is to get your name visible to your influencers as much as possible.

They are more likely to look at your content if they recognize your name or feel like they know you in some way.

If you leave a quality comment (i.e., contributing to the discussion), you can increase your odds of them noticing you and remembering you. You can even use your comment as an opportunity to share your own content with the influencer, but be careful.

There’s a fine line between sharing relevant content and spamming for shares. Make sure that if you do share your own content in comments, you tread lightly and put a relevant plug in the comment along with your content. This will make sure they see your comment as an attempt to share knowledge and participate in a conversation, rather than just gain shares on your own piece.

Reach out to them

If you’ve tried all of the above ways and still haven’t gotten in contact with your potential influencer, you can try the direct approach and send content directly to them, asking them to share it. If you choose this option, be very clear in your email.

Tell them you have read their content and think they will enjoy your content as much as you enjoyed theirs. Tell them how it’s relevant to them, a small synopsis, and a simple and polite request for them to share your material if they see fit.

This might not result in anything, but what do you really have to lose?

The worst that can happen to you is receiving a mean response. The key thing to remember with this tactic is to be polite and not to burn bridges. You’re asking them to help you and you never know if you may need their help later down the road.

#2. Getting your influencers to share your content

Getting influencers to share your content is your number one distribution goal. This will gather you a wider audience that you may not have been able to reach before.

Having influencers on your website’s side can help you succeed and get you well on your way to have followers. Getting the attention of influencers and gaining their support is enough to get your content shared, however, it may be more difficult than you expect.

If you follow these steps, though, you’ll be well on your way.

Think up a shareable topic

If your content isn’t interesting, they aren’t going to want to read it, endorse it, or share it and all your hard work goes to waste.

Your topic should appeal to a wide and diverse audience. The content should grab your audience’s attention. It should be well-written and the topic should be clearly expressed.

Give your influencers a reason to share your content. You can’t expect them to endorse it if it’s not good.

Consider running your idea past a few honest friends and co-workers to get a sense of just how wide an audience you could reach. If the majority aren’t interested in it, move on to bigger and better things; don’t waste your time.

Research your best influencers

The influencers you choose to focus on should be based on your website’s theme and your typical topics for your content. You’re going to have better luck reaching relevant influencers than ones that don’t care about your topic.

Influencers are very busy and tend to have a crowded inbox; if you aren’t relevant and appealing, you might not stand out enough to be noticed in the mass of new emails they receive every day. Pick influencers that seem most likely to respond to you so it’s not a waste of your time.

Share it with a personal plug

People love a personal touch. Make your request stand out by including a personalized message rather than simply asking for them to share the link. By making it personal, rather than the same copied message to all influencers, you make your message seem more like your sharing relevant material and less like your spamming out your content for shares.

Beyond that, it can help to foster a closer relationship and hopefully encourage them to continue doing business with you. Including a personalized message will increase your chances of having your content read and shared.

Ask them to contribute content

A great way to boost your readership, foster your relationship with influencers, and grow your content by getting guest writers to contribute pieces of it.

In addition to getting content that will potentially appeal to a different audience, they’re also more likely to share content on your website if they contributed to it. Adding more diverse content also increases your chances of keeping your audience interested. The ideas and writing styles of only one contributor can tend to get tiresome and too similar. Diversity is key to your content remaining interesting and relevant.

How to help you get a response

As previously stated, influencers are busy people and don’t have the time to read every long message they receive. That being said, you should keep your emails short. Don’t include useless information and get straight to the point.

Your opening line should include an introduction, as well as something about their work you’ve read recently. Cut the small talk out and get straight to the point: tell them what you want them to contribute, the word length of the prospective contribution, and any specifics you have in mind. Make sure that you include a deadline, as well.

Making sure your website’s content is being seen by the right people can be a challenge and getting it distributed is a whole other ballpark. The best way to increase your chances of being seen by the right influencers is to do your research and learn who’s the best for you to watch more closely.

Then, all you need do to begin building your relationship with influencers and get your name and website out there is to be active on social media and on the influencers’ blogs. Once you’ve got your content seen, it’s time to try to get it distributed. Email influencers or share content on social media using relevant hashtags or even tagging their page to draw their attention to it. Include a personal plug when you share pieces with influencers to make sure you don’t seem like you’re spamming your content. But, above all else, make sure you have excellent content worth sharing.

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