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How Can Your Online Site Show Your Brand’s Credibility And Quality?

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As technology made an entrance into the world, it slowly but surely made a move to incorporate itself into people’s lives. It significantly changed how people usually function on a day to day basis, especially in the business world.

Traditional marketing methods are slowly dying as high-tech methods began replacing them. With advertising in magazines and newspaper losing its luster, this is where websites come in.

Is It Important For You To Have An Online Site?

Why, yes! Yes, indeed. Recently, it is found that 3.58 billion people all over the world are using the internet. If the thought of reaching that many people using a website doesn’t sway you to get a website for your business, you might want to know more then, such as:

  • It will save you more money when advertising
  • It improves customer services
  • It is easily accessible anywhere, anytime
  • It will make you reach more potential customers(because this is worth repeating)

How To Showcase Your Brand Through Your Website

However, don’t just jump in and start on making your website. The creation of your website requires time, planning and strategy to make it a success of at least make it noticeable from hundreds and thousands of competitors.

In order to reap maximum benefits that your website can give you, heed these important elements:

Pleasing Aesthetics

One of the most important elements of your website is the overall look. Research shows that 75% internet users judge a website’s credibility based on how it was designed. To make sure those 75% makes a good judgment on your website, it must have:

Quality Photos And Videos

As the saying goes, “Image is everything”. In business, it really is. Having high-quality images of your brand and product can significantly boost your sales. Product presentation plays a huge role in sales generation and customer loyalty which can lead to the success of your business.

Having quality images and videos of your product can raise customer confidence that your product is also of quality. This also gives customers the chance to clearly scrutinize your product with no problems of pixelation just as they would when they shop in real life.


Images play an important role in marketing



The higher the quality of an image, the more valuable it appears to be

Balance Between Text, Images, And White Space

Even if you have quality images and videos, it will be no good when you just lump them all on one side of your page. People may be image-based when it comes to a website but that’s just the start in grabbing their attention.

You still have to admit that some images can’t just explain themselves so it is recommended to put a few texts here and there.

However, mind the color of your texts and your fonts. The color of your text shouldn’t clash with the background and shouldn’t hurt the eyes. Your fonts shouldn’t be too flashy as well. Pick the color and font that reflects the personality of your product as well as compliment your chosen theme.

Never, ever forget about the importance of white space on your website. Images and text alike can strain the eyes and the white space can give users a place where their eyes can have a break.


You can see the difference between an imbalanced website



From a balanced one

User-Friendly Website

It doesn’t mean that you have quality photos and a good-looking website layout you are going to have a successful website. A successful website doesn’t just stop there. One key factor that keeps your website alive are the users or the visitors to your website.

Now that they are pleased with how your site looks, make their browsing easy and smooth by making it user-friendly.

Easy Navigation

Unless you are planning to establish a one-page website, which is not recommended when you are aiming for a business website, you need to tweak your navigation for easy user experience.

People hate waiting. Especially when the internet is catering to their needs and wants as fast as a push of a button. Avoid putting a lot of information on one page that requires a lot of scrolling.

If your website features a wide variety of products, it is wise to customize it with a Categories options. Don’t forget to include a Search Box as well. This will make navigation easier for users, will make their browsing for your products faster, and will organize your products making it presentable.


Organize your products using categories and optimize user experience


A lot of business companies make the mistake of neglecting in making their websites mobile-friendly. Because of that, it slows their loading time due to unoptimized images and layout. If you think that is not a big deal, fact: loading speed significantly affects potential sales.

According to statistics, 52.64% of the accumulated pageviews all over the world came from mobile devices excluding tablets. In order to avoid losing a huge crowd of potential customers, optimize your site and make it mobile-friendly.


Mobile-friendly version of Best Buy

Impeccable Customer Service

Customers are the lifeblood of your business. They are the power behind your product’s purpose and in order to ensure that you have happy and satisfied customers, your website must have the following.

Prominent Contact Pages

Once your customers found what they are looking for on your website, the time for turning your website visitor into paying customers is near. In order to reach for your product or service, you have to put on a Contact Page. Through this, you can answer customer queries and deal with suggestions and feedbacks.

It is also helpful to put in FAQs or a Frequently Asked Questions page to save you and your customers time and effort to entertain questions that are already answered.


Dedicate a Customer Service page for all your customer’s concerns

Customer Engagements

Once someone bought your product, nurture customer loyalty through Customer Engagement. Social media and social media links are very useful to incorporate into your website in order to get the most of the customer engagement.

Not only will this give customers more ways to reach you, this will also serve as a medium to reach out to your previous customers and potential customers alike. Comment, Like, Retweet or Reblog posts that are relevant to your product. Furthermore, doing so can increase awareness for your brand.


Improve customer engagements with social media

Secure Security Measures

No one wants their information leaked that can be used for nefarious means. Especially when they are paying for something online. In order to ensure customer safety, make sure that your site is safe from malware and hackers by encrypting your site.

Additionally, provide some terms and policies when it comes to online site payment. This is to protect both you and your customer when it comes to the problems that will arise regarding online payment rules and regulations.


Guarantee customer information and transaction security

Impressive Blog Posts

Other than social media, blogging is highly recommended for businesses to have. Aside from driving traffic to your site, blogging gives a boost to your SEO which improves your search engine standing when someone gets to search something.

Having a blog increases your brand awareness along with showing people that you and your brand have what it takes. Blog posts also increase customer engagement through comments from your blog posts along with accepting and making guest posts.


Raise brand awareness from having an impressive blog

The Takeaway

Making your own website is as meticulous as planning and crunching the facts when you are trying to set up your business. Even though acquiring a website is much cheaper than advertising in the paper, it is still practical to do it right at the start by covering all of the important basics.

This way, you will be able to save time, effort and money while you are establishing your online presence. It will still take time and effort but the path you are going is forward and not backward from redoing your website.

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