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How Blogging Can Create 1000’s Of Impressions

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For some, writing can be pretty annoying and upon reading the above headline, can turn out to be pretty much like a heart attack. Nevertheless, I pledge to present you with the truth and not any thing other than that.

Content is the King and the best way to make it rule is by writing Blogs.

Every successful business entrepreneur knows this and if you have just started a firm then it is not even an option. It is mandatory!

There are several free blogging platforms, from where you can make your start. The two most talked about are WordPress and Blogger. I prefer WordPress especially, because it is not just a blogging platform but a big open source content management system with several themes and plug-ins. What is best about these are that you do not need any additional qualifications to learn how to start a blog. They manage it all. All you have to do is write.

A Simple Website With Limited Pages Will Not Lead Your Traffic

Don’t think that by simply setting up a website with a ‘home’ page that includes basic details about your company, a beautifully set up ‘gallery’ page and a ‘contact’ page for customers to get in touch with you and a powerful internet marketing team is enough to get started. it been so, big companies would not have put so much effort and time by simply blogging. In fact, the importance of blogging has not cropped up suddenly overnight. It was realized a long time back. A case study on blogging by Rick Burnes in Hubspot blog back in 2007 shows how business blogging done by some companies had led to an increase in the number of website visitors by 55%.

The above data presents evidence that blogging is necessary. However if you are still wondering about the ‘why’ factor, then here are some of the reasons…

Why Blogs are Important for a Business Growth?

#1. Score Higher To Drive Traffic

It is a relevant point that blogs are written to drive traffic. However, did you know that they help in getting your website higher scores on search engines? Writing a post gives Google a kind of signal that your business is still alive and that you will soon be ready with new content that they need to have a look at very soon.

So you see, when you post a blog it gets indexed in a separate page from your main site and that means your chance to appear again on the results page when a visitor types a particular keyword. Google indexes blog posts comparatively faster than any other pages. Include keywords which you feel visitors are more prone to typing while searching. Blogs with relevant keywords help to route more traffic to a website.

In this way, you not only score but also get a chance to convert visitors into leads.

#2. Build a Community of Cross Connections

Birds of a feather flock together and blogging helps to engage like-minded people around your website. There is a comment box located beneath your post where people can easily write down what they feel about your post and you too can engage your concerns. In this way, you can build up a community of like minded people. You can also integrate social plug-ins like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Your readers can share your blog post with other people if they find your post interesting and agreeable. In this you can grab newer and unexpected traffic.

#3. Create Your Own Aura as an Expert

What do you write on your blogs? You share your view regarding a particular product with your readers. Suppose, you know some effective principals for web design and you want to let your readers know about them. Not only, are you helping your readers out but at the same time you are creating the impression of being an expert in web design and that people can contact you or your company for any website related solutions.

This makes blogging an effective way to establish your online expertise.

#4. A Tool For All Type Of Marketing Activities

Blogging does not simply mean you are giving tutorials to your readers. It is a kind of instrument, which you can use to indirectly promote your business or any particular product. You may say that there are far better ways (like a PPC), to promote your business but do you think clients will spend extra time searching for one? Besides, readers tend to rely more on someone giving them a live tutorial rather than just giving mere promises. For a live tutorial, blogs turn out to be better options.

Readers do not need to install any other software for this ( as is required for installing a video. You also need speakers). You simply type what you are searching for, click on it and read on.

#5. Build Your Own Public Relations

Blogs can be used in a number of ways to build up your own public relations. You can engage with other organizations, by referencing them in your post and complimenting them for any kind of strategies that they had invented and which has turned out to be very useful for your own business.

There are a number of ways blogs can turn out to be useful rather than any other strategies. Plus, it is cheaper and fun. You can also utilize blogs for promotional purposes by inviting people for writing guest posts.

Initially, writing blogs was only meant by using it as a personal diary. Now, it a very useful tool for achieving business prospects. Blogging is a great way to drive traffic in the long run. If you invest one hour for writing one blog post, you will see that you will probably receive more than a thousand incoming links, when media sites and other sites use your blog as a reference. This will not only help other businesses but in a way it means that your own business is getting promoted even while you are not around.

So, the above should give you ample reasons as to why you need a blogging section for your website.

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