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Google’s Dynamic Remarketing: Your Next Best eCommerce Solution

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You must have used SEO, PPC ads, demographics, search marketing and many more to find your audiences, but have you tried with Google’s recent Dynamic Remarketing? It’s the ultimate win-win for you and your customers. You can reach your highly qualified customers, and your customers can receive highly relevant and personalized marketing message that can actually do wonders. Well! I am sure you are curious enough to learn more about it.

Unveiling Google’s Dynamic Remarketing

Dynamic Remarketing allow you to connect with your past visitors by either showing them customized ads of the products they’ve seen on your website or suggesting them products they might like. With Dynamic Remarketing, you can show your site visitors an ad with specific product they viewed on your site. The message appears to these visitors even when they browse other sites across ad networks. This is undoubtedly a powerful weapon to continue the conversation you began with them on your online store.

Such technique attracts people attention and helps bring them back to your site to complete the purchase process.

How does it benefit your online store?

#1. Recapture cart abandoners and increase conversion

Google Dynamic Remarketing allow you to display ads to those visitors who have abandoned your site due to prior engagement. The Dynamic shopping cart abandoners’ ad group shows improved conversion rate, cost per conversion and return on ad spend when merchants display ads to shoppers who have

  • Visited your site and has viewed a specific product
  • Visited your site and added a product to the shopping cart but did not purchase
  • Already purchased from your site

#2. Highlights the image ads

Of all things, image ads that contain product images account for the majority of the total traffic in the Dynamic Remarketing campaign. Image ads consists of 66 percent of the total impressions and 72 percent of the total clicks. In fact, research shows that 89 percent of clicks come from image ads. However, you need to ensure that you are experimenting with different image ad format and not sticking to one particular ad as image ad units will show the most.

#3. Remarketing use Google display network

The greatest advantage of using Google Display Network is its huge and substantiated platform that help you to reach large sections of customers across different sites using different ad formats. The following reasons will help you to understand why Google Dynamic Remarketing use Google Display Network

  • The Display Network can target and reach 90 percent of internet user worldwide and even can include more than 2 million publisher sites
  • Display Network ads are image based and hence are likely to lead more conversions
  • Display Network ads facilitate brand awareness
  • Display Network allows merchants to utilize a few advanced techniques such as Geo-targeting.

It is easy to get started with Google Dynamic Remarketing

#1. Add Dynamic Remarketing tag on every page of your site

Before you start Remarketing tagging, you should be clear about

  • Who are your highest converting visitors?
  • What are your best selling products and its categories?

Now add the Remarketing tag on the desired pages following </body> tag. Use Google tag manager to reconfirm the installation of Remarketing tag on your website. Now tailor messages to specific Remarketing lists. Get a number of Dynamic Remarketing lists for specific items, abandoned carts, characteristics or demographics.

#2. Create a new Remarketing campaign

  • Select ‘Display Network only’ on the campaign page
  • Select ‘+New Campaign’ from the drop down menu
  • Choose the campaign name and type
  • Choose a campaign location and language

#3. Set your desired bid and budget, ad rotation and frequency capping

  • CPC bidding: You choose what your cost-per-click (CPC) rate is
  • CPA bidding: Google set your pay-per-click to reach click-per-acquisition.

#4. Build an Ad group in Dynamic Remarketing campaign

  • Under ‘New ad group’ click on ‘campaigns’
  • Name your Ad group and set a group bid
  • Choose who you want your ad to show up for.

#5. Create dynamic remarketing lists

  • Choose the ‘Interests & Marketing’ page
  • Under ‘Remarketing lists’ use the arrow to add different user groups to selected audiences

#6. Establish Dynamic ads for remarketing ad group

  • Click on ‘select image’ in the dropdown menu
  • Select the size of the image ad
  • Link your Google Merchant center with AdWords
  • Merchant center account holder can choose from a set of ad templates and A/B test based on ad performance

#7. Add your website logo and choose a remarketing ad headline.

Work with Google conversion optimizer

On Google Display Network, Google’s conversion optimizer uses conversion tracking to identify purchase behaviour from click to purchase so that merchants can optimize the amount spend on Remarketing. Conversion optimizer aim to give the maximum conversions on the basis of your cost-per-acquisition (CPA) goals. Optimizer focus on maximum conversions instead of focusing on conversion-per-clicks (CPC) or conversion-per-impression (CPM). Therefore, you can choose to target CPA with Google conversion optimizer to increase conversions.

Easily manage frequency of message

You want to provide consistent reminders of your products and brands, but of course, don’t want to overdo it. Don’t worry! When you are working with Google Remarketing solution, you can easily analyze your audience’s response and determine the right number of viewers that actually lead to a sale.

Utilize ad analytics

Google Dynamic Remarketing uses Remarketing tags to track shopper activity in order to identify shoppers who have visited your site, viewed products, purchased products or added items to the shopping cart. You can view consumer activity on your site and Remarketing ads performance in AdWords using these data. In addition, remarketing also feature Google features which enables you to segment and optimize ads such as

Google product recommendation engine which allow you choose product ads including popular products, related product and products shoppers had viewed before

Google real time bidding algorithm allow you to calculate bid for each impression

Google auto optimized layout feature to allow you choose ad layout for performance.

As you see, Remarketing or Retargeting ads are effective as they focus on shoppers who are already aware of your site and brand. 80 percent of these shoppers are more likely to purchase from you than from your competitors. In addition, you can also create a Remarketing lists to identify exactly where shoppers are in their purchase decision. Your Remarketing list can target

  • The product viewers
  • Cart viewers
  • Purchasers
  • All users

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