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3 Most Common Mistakes In Google Ads

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Making the most of Google Ads is something that every business and brand should aspire to achieve, yet there are a whole host of pitfalls littering the road to successful implementation of all the paid search tools that are at your disposal.

To give you a better chance of hitting your targets, here are just some of the most common mistakes made by others that you should try to avoid.

Keyword Overkill

Whether you are using Google Ads to market your SaaS business or to earn clicks and conversions for your organic produce delivery service, optimizing your use of keywords is essential. Yet too many brands make the mistake of overdoing in terms of keyword volumes.

This is an error for a number of reasons, most of which come down to leaving you stretched too thin to adequately manage all of the ad groups and landing pages you create. Instead, it is far more effective to focus on a smaller group of keywords that will actually deliver more in terms of ROI and long term impact.

Conducting careful, considered keyword research and also constantly aiming to monitor and optimize how your ads are performing will save you from this fate.

Sloppy Ad Copy

Even if your ad manages to appear in front of your target audience, there is no guarantee that they will click through if the copy that accompanies it is subpar.

Once again you need to resist the temptation to overdo it with keywords since this can come across as spammy. You also need to make sure that the copy makes sense in isolation, so use full sentences, correct grammar and concise wording to get your point across.

You can also factor in Extensions if you find that you cannot say all you need to within the character limit of the ad. For example, you might want to add site links with extra descriptions to make your ad more information-rich and motivate clicks through to specific subsections of your site, which in turn means you can target an even more specific audience.

Finally, all good Google Ads need a call to action, which has the psychological effect of encouraging people to actively engage with your listing, rather than passively allowing it to pass them by.

Inadequate Landing Page Coverage

The most common reason for high bounce rates is if your ad does not align adequately with the content of your landing page. This can come about if your landing pages are too generic, or you do not have enough different variations to match up with all of the keywords that you are targeting in your ads.

Web users want to know that they will be presented with relevant, interesting information when they click through from Google; indeed this is the fundamental reason for the existence of search engines in the first place. To lower bounce rates and boost conversions, you need to ensure that your landing pages are not just aesthetically pleasing but also packed with content that will actually cater to the needs of visitors.

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