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Not Getting Enough Traffic? 5 Steps To Make Your Online Content Writing Work

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Can I ask you a question? Where would we be without words?

Imagine if your business couldn’t speak; if you couldn’t be heard. There would only be silence, right?

  • How would you get your message out to the world?
  • How would you communicate?
  • How would you stand out, generate leads and boost your business?

Right now there is a huge emphasis on super, high-quality content and coupled with small businesses taking over the world, there has never been a better time bring your words to life, share messages, produce meaning and build connections.

Words are everything.

They inspire and motivate, they encourage, stimulate and move people. They are the backbone of online content; all Google really cares about.

Words are the single most important and effective tool when it comes your business and the aim of these posts is to teach you how to write online content that rocks and gets results.

So welcome and thank you for taking the time to learn something about my all-time true love…writing.

5 steps to makeover your online content writing:-

#1. Know your audience on a personal level.

Then simply give them what they crave…the solution to their problems. Always write online content  for your readers and that’s why it’s important to know your target market and ideal customer? These are the people who’ll share your content, buy your products, and, ultimately, who you want to engage with.

#2. Have a plan.

Know what content you are going to write about online, when you will post it and to what platform. Think about the conversations you have with your customers, the time of year (for example end of financial year), seasonal attributes, industry trends and so on, and work these topics into a 12-month content writing plan.

#3. Write great content.

Your words should be useful to your readers. Awesome online content will always win because people will come back for more. There is no room for boring copy. It must be engaging, educational and entertaining, and it needs to be optimised, so thread your keywords and phrases naturally into your content.

#4. Measure your results.

You may have heard the saying: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”? If you know what’s not working, you can improve your online content writing skills. Your measurement tool may just be a simple spreadsheet that you update monthly.

#5. Maintain and review.

Once you have found your online content writing groove, maintaining and reviewing what you’ve written will be an easier task. Much of the time it is about trial and error, and learning from it. Try to keep your content regular, updating your website at least once a week. Writing a blog works well for this.

These online content writing steps will help increase traffic to your site, allowing you to stand out, generate leads and boost your business’s bottom line.

Every business deserves to be “heard”. After all, a life without words, well, I have no words for that.

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