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Why eBay Was Affected By Google Panda 4.0 Updates, Possible Reasons

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Hurray, Google rolls out two big algorithms – one is majorly focused on the content part of the sites called

With this recent update, eBay is suffering a massive loss in organic traffic and rankings, and it had a reported 80% drop in organic traffic.

The breaking news is that still nobody knows the reason behind eBay’s internet tragedy as we are seeing some expert from re/code claiming that eBay was not affected by panda but it was because of bad SEO practice and some others say that it was because of Panda 4.0 updates.

After reading this, I didn’t see any perfect solutions so I came to learn a few facts that may caused this terrific drop in eBay’s SEO visibility.

eBay - Backlinks

Why eBay was affected by Google Panda 4.0 or a Manual Penalty

There is no doubt that eBay was either affected by panda 4.0 or a manual penalty or a mix of both.  So let’s discuss a few possible reasons.  Let us search for specific products like “Fiber Optic Christmas Tree” and see an organic search result with

#1. Listed Product Are Not Appropriate

You can see in the image below what they have listed under “fiber optic christmas tree” category. They have listed topper angel baby instead of an actual Christmas tree. And one more interesting thing is that they have stated this seller as “Top rated seller

LED Fiber Optic Christmas Tree eBay

You can see other sites like kmart, which come in on the first page of Google with the above keyword, have listed appropriate products in this particular category.

Fiber Optic Christmas Tree from

#2. No Proper Flow of Breadcrumb Used

As you can see in the following image eBay didn’t follow any specific breadcrumb and they just listed a general category.

Breadcrums Bay

On the other side if you look on Tesco sites for the same product you will find a perfect breadcrumb

Breadcrums tesco

#3. Thin Content, Doorway Pages

Again see the same category section of “Fiber Optic Christmas Tree” and you will find that eBay didn’t have any content place at this category page and that is why a small player like, secured the no.1 position in with less backlinks. This all happened because of thin content. Christmas Central has nice content in the category section at the top of the starting page but eBay didn’t have this. This is a clear effect of Panda 4.0 updates.

Category description - ChristmasCentral

Another guy from RefuGeeks took a closer look on eBay and found that the pages removed from Google search results were doorway pages.

#4. Destructure of Priority Content on Page

Take an example of “cell phone accessories”. I went to eBay sites and searched cell phone accessories and found that there is nothing to see in the first look of accessories without scrolling up the page. I have found only an internal link and a few external links. You can check in the following image.

Category description - ChristmasCentral


Still there is no official confirmation from eBay about what exactly happened with their sites and why it got a huge loss in traffic. But as a marketer we can guess some reasons. After analyzing this I realise that there may be a mix of reasons behind this tragedy.

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