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Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2019

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The world is totally tech-driven now and for most of us the daily morning starts with e-newsletters and mobiles and the night ends with emails, notifications and so on. There is no need to say that technology is now everywhere. Whether it is our home appliances being operated with an app or playing the music with the help of voice commands on the speaker, you can find technology being pierced through every part in our daily routine.

This technology advancement is not gonna stop here or slow down. As the new startups are entering the market and gaining most of the shares, it is very important to make sure that you are aware of the upcoming Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2019.

Here is the list of some important and top digital marketing trends of 2019. Have a look at them below:

  1. AI and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence based solutions are one of the most important tools which bring a proper combination of machine learning, predictive analysis, and natural language processing. This is one of the most trending technologies of the digital market in 2019. In the coming years, AI and machine learning will be deployed almost everywhere in the consumer markets, governments markets and almost all over the world. According to the latest stats, AI is now used almost around 61% in the industry which was just around 38% in the year 2016. This growth will not slow down and by 2020, AI and machine learning will capture a major portion of the industry.

With AI, marketers will be able to come up with the products based on their customers’ feedbacks. With the machine learning, data analysis is done which helps in automating the model building process. With AI, systems get the ability to learn and make decisions without any human interference.

  1. Voice search

The Klick has estimated that by the end of the year 2020, most of the web browsing will be done without any touch of the screen. More than 50% searched will be done based on voice commands. There is no doubt in the fact that voice search is one such top digital marketing trends of 2019 that will play a major role in the daily activities of a person. With help of voice search, you can efficiently do multitasking unlike before for example, ordering food while driving or may be chatting with someone on Whatsapp while cooking. For most of the people, speaking is much easier and faster rather than typing, all thanks to the voice search technology.

  • 60-80% of all searches will be voice searches by the year 2020
  • 30% of mobile queries on Google search engine are voice searches.
  • 20% of all Bing searches are voice searches.
  1. Visual Search

With visual search being the best digital marketing trends in 2019, the experience of the user can reach an almost new level. With the help of this searching technique, a user is able to make searches based on the uploaded images to get more appropriate and specific results. Pinterest has come up with a new level of visual search wherein a user is allowed to take a photo of the item so that he or she can easily search for similar items and buy them.

  1. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Think of it that your customers are able to first use your product and then buy it later. Is it not a powerful way of marketing, yes it is. Almost all the risks can be eliminated that comes in the client’s mind before he or she buy any of the product for the first time. With the help of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, the company can release their products with zero risks on the part of the prospect. Augmented reality helps in inserting the object into some real life thing. With the help of virtual reality, a new environment is being created wherein the individual can experience everything in front of them. Over the years, both of these technologies are growing on and on.

  1. Social Media Marketing

With the help of social media, the trends of the market have totally changed. The term social media means internet-based channels which allow the users to contact with each other and share opinions with them. With the help of social media marketing including, Facebook, Instagram and twitter etc. the network and the community gets build up and the participation is encouraged. Thus, social media marketing can be considered one of the best digital marketing trends in 2019.

  1. Video

In the upcoming years, video marketing is going to be the leader of the digital market. By 2020, almost 90% of the content available online will be in the form of video representation. For any of the market ventures, the video is the best way to highlight things. With the help of this video marketing, the message can be distributed to the client in a much more specific way and that too with the combination of entertainment.

  • 62% of businesses say videos improved their website traffic.
  • 55% of consumers say that watching videos makes them more confident in online purchase decisions.
  1. User-generated Content

The content is one of the most important in the year 2019. Instead of relying completely on advertisements, people are putting more trust in the content now. It simply means that more engaging is the content, more will be the attention grabber. So, this content can be considered as top digital marketing trends in 2019. Effective content can increase traffic five times. Over canned solutions, almost 80% of of+ internet users still l took for the good quality and featured content.

  1. Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP)

Most of the traffic on Google is with the help of search engines and almost 70% of it is from mobile devices. With the increase in the loading time of the website, the bounce rate also increases thus decreasing the Google rank. With help of AMP, the page takes less than 0.5 seconds to load thus making it one of the best digital marketing trends in 2019.

  1. Email and Marketing Automation

With billions of user still using emails, this is a major communication channel. With the help of marketing automation, marketing actions can be easily automated. With the help of marketing automation, email marketing becomes very effective and fast. The marketing automation tools are designed in such a manner that the tasks can be prioritized and executed accordingly.

  1. Events and Experiences

At events, people can come up together thus providing the best experiences. This can be one of the best digital marketing trends in 2019. With live events and experiences, a better user experience can be built up thus improving the marketing strategy.

  1. A Rise in Adwords

Adwords is an online advertisement based platform and of course one of the best digital marketing trends in 2019. With help of AdWords, the marketing becomes much easier and convenient. Also, marketing becomes very efficient with this digital marketing trend.

These are some of the topmost digital marketing trends must be used by Digital marketing, Website Development Company to boost your website traffic and sales. Which you should be aware off as these are growing each and every day with the technology.

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