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5 Christmas Digital Marketing Tips to Get Your Brand Noticed This Holiday Season

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While regular folks think about taking a break or enjoying time with their family, the weeks (actually months) leading up to Christmas is busy for marketers.

You start seeing these Christmas-themed billboards and TV ads during this time. Similarly, on the internet, PPC banners and social media posts start popping up in an attempt to hook customers with special Christmas offers.

Firms providing internet marketing services remain busiest at this time of the year creating new content for their clients in the hopes of drawing in holiday shoppers.

A lot of the work is giving your existing products a Christmas theme. Here’s a free idea for businesses in the pet care industry. Woohdolf the Christmas dog. Feel free to use it as you may, consider it a Christmas gift.

On that giving spirit, the following are 5 digital marketing tips for Christmas to maximize sales this holiday season.

Make Your Product Giftable

Now, if you are in the toy business, then you have a natural in. With a little bit of marketing your only challenge is going to be to manage the huge traffic load and fulfilling those orders.

However, not all products or services seem giftable to customers. You need to find a way to give your product a makeover and present it in a way that it seems like a Christmas gift. Here’s an example.

Let’s say you run a dental clinic.

You can create discounted gift cards for dental checkup and cleaning. The gift cards should look Christmassy for it to work, but that’s easy to do. You can upload posts on Facebook or Instagram, with an image of a guying wearing a Santa hat while brushing his teeth as the tagline reads, “For Your Friend Who Cannot Stop Brushing.” Another free idea, feel free to use it as you may.

With a little bit of thought, you can easily find an angle to market your product or service to the Christmas shopping crowd.

Don’t Forget Fun

Buyers respond to fun marketing campaigns especially in and around Christmas. So, hiring a funny content creator can be a great move. Most good internet marketing services have writers on staff and you as a client can ask them to create fun and buzz-worthy content.

Give Your Site a Christmas Makeover

If your CMS is WordPress, you will find tons of Christmas themes to give your site a quick Christmas makeover. Many of these themes are free. This is going to be a lot easier than hiring a web designer to spruce up your site for Christmas.

However, if you plan on spending a lot on your marketing campaign, it probably makes sense to hire a web designer to create a custom Christmas design. Make elements green and red and maybe add looping sounds of Christmas bells. Do whatever you have to do to show your Christmas spirit.

The reason for making your website Christmas themed is simple, you want your site to be in line with your Christmas marketing campaigns. You don’t want to lure people with pictures of Woohdolf only to land them on a page that’s dull and non-Christmassy. This kind of brings us to the next point, which is to be consistent. Make sure your banner, social media posts, as well as your website, has the same design theme so it feels consistent.

Don’t Forget those Christmas Keywords

Don’t try and fight for those high-competition and generic keywords such as “Christmas gift ideas” or “Christmas gifts for her.”

If your site is new with no real authority you are unlikely to rank for them to make any noticeable difference. Instead, find long chain keywords that are specific to your business. If you cannot find keywords that have the word “Christmas” or “Gift” and also relate to your business, use location keywords. That will slim down your competition and make it easier for you to get local sales enquiries before Christmas.

Lure Customers with Helpful Gift Guides

One of the things that people really appreciate is a well-written gift guide. This is why posts that are titled something like, “100 Amazing Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Techie Friend (Under $100)” would probably get a lot of attention.

Set a target to get those blog posts published on your business site at regular intervals leading up to Christmas eve. A couple of posts per week can get you a healthy flow of traffic.

Include enough internal links to get more organic traffic to your money pages.

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