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Before You Can Market Your Business, You Have to Know It First

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One global goal in business (regardless of industry) is to produce a positively recognizable brand.  How does one do this?  For those of you that answered: “get out there and let yourself be known;” you’re right.

Marketing is a crucial step when it comes to getting the word out about your business and your brand.  But there is one very important step to take before that leap, and it requires a meeting of minds between me, myself and I.

Craft Your Culture

Before you can market your brand you have to define it, and that starts with your getting a firm grasp on your company culture.  What makes your business different, how does it stand out from others in your industry? More important, what values do you hold to the highest ideal?  Ask yourself: what’s our attitude?

Why you may have drafted your company’s vision and mission, it is equally important to draft out how you plan to carry those ideas out in real time.  For example, how do you plan on interacting with your customer base?  Through which outlets will you make yourself available?  Answers to these questions will provide a tangible framework for how your business will run right alongside your original ideals.

Find Your Voice

Now that you’ve defined your company’s culture, you will have to find a voice to match.  A good place to start is with your target audience. How do they conduct themselves and more important, in what manner do they want to be “talked” to?

Whether your tone is playful, formal or posh, you’re going to want to promote your brand thought a similar microphone.  Be willing to accept that while you may be running, for example, a traditional business, it might not match your personal, comical voice and that’s OK.

All it takes is an aware business owner to understand where and when they need outside help.  In this case, it could mean outsourcing the right person to take your ideas and position them with the perfect pitch.  Don’t have that kind of budget?  Don’t worry; with a little research and introspection you can dive into your audience’s desired tone and edit your content to match.

Understand Your Outlook

While it is important to keep an eye on the tasks at hand, a business owner also needs to focus on the long-term goals of his/her business.  Let your long term projections shape both your outlook and approach.  Also, don’t take for granted the amazing motivational fire your overarching goals can ignite within you.

By keeping some of your focus on the horizon, you will be able to match your current attitude with your future plans and dreams.  Allow some flexibility with your attitude and let it take a natural shape with influence from your client relationships, personal values and business environment.  As a small business owner your brand is a canvas, the questions is, what colors do you want to paint it with?

What are other branding decisions that are important to make?

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