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What Trends Are Likely to Shape Brands’ Customer Loyalty Programs in 2022?

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With countless competitors promising to deliver the goods for every consumer, what makes your brand stand out from the crowd and keep customers returning for more? One tried and tested way to ensure brand loyalty is by marketing a customer loyalty program that rewards increased purchasing and boosts those referrals. However, not all loyalty programs are made equal, and the quality of the program really does matter, with 78% of consumers saying they’d switch brands for a better offer.

So, let’s take a look at what trends are likely to shape successful loyalty programs in the coming months and make sure your offering has the edge.


Customized loyalty

Loyalty is a two-way street – for a consumer to invest in your brand, they want to feel like your brand invests in them too. Considering loyalty members spend an average of up to 27% more than non-members, it really is no surprise that customized offers and rewards are a big trend moving into 2022. Make your customers feel special by treating them on their birthday or anniversary or letting them know when special events are happening in stores near to them so they never miss out on an offer. Let customers tailor what kind of notifications they receive and how frequently, as well as give them offers customized to their buying habits to encourage return purchases.

Customers who feel that they are listened to and cared for when something goes wrong or when they need support after purchase are more likely to have positive feelings towards you in the future and are more likely to tell others good things than bad, be it about the social media or face to face. Better customer communication and customer satisfaction should be the result.

Loyal customers can support your business not only in the hunt for credit cards but also in other ways. Whether you consider them brand champions, network promoters, or word-of-mouth heroes, all of your happy customers have the potential to get you more business. This can be done by sharing their positive opinion of you on social media, leaving positive reviews, or simply telling their friends and family about it.

Make it mobile

Who isn’t tired of having countless half-stamped loyalty cards in their wallets? Streamline your output as well as customers’ purses by moving your loyalty scheme to an app. Not only will you be able to incorporate masses of extra information, but consumers will also thank you for keeping everyone neatly in one place, easily accessible, and quick to use. You’ll also be able to gather instant, real-time data that can help shape your loyalty program moving forward, so you’ll always be one step ahead.


Whether on your mobile or on your laptop, promoting your brand through games is a fun and effective way of creating new uptake and upselling to current loyalty members. Offer prizes and discounts for taking part and ensure return visits by offering new prizes or levels on a daily basis. Tailor your games to current or upcoming promotions or seasons to keep a buzz and continued momentum.

In today’s digital age, getting people’s attention is one of the most difficult tasks, although it is crucial for the continuity of the business. Instead of traditional strategies, clever companies are using gamification mechanisms to reduce churn and increase engagement and loyalty. Implementing gamification is a valuable investment of time and resources and can be integrated directly into the systems that are important to your business. In today’s digital engagement model, motivation can be packaged into any application and scaled to engage any size audience at very little additional cost.

Consumers with a conscience

It’s no secret that the pandemic forced consumers to re-evaluate their values when it comes to spending money, with many households suffering from a lack of income, and thus having a lower expenditure. This meant that people had less spare income to donate to charity. Thus, allowing customers to donate their points to good causes or incorporating a charitable or sustainable aspect to your program will score big points with today’s eco-conscious shoppers.

Customer retention is a vital part of successful marketing and a well mapped out loyalty program is an excellent way of rewarding brand loyalty, boosting referrals and increasing purchasing frequency. Keeping track of and responding to these trends will mean your program continues to reward both your consumers and, in turn, you.



By the ongoing digital transformation in the marketplace businesses have redefined their relationships with consumers to meet ever-changing expectations. We expect brands to continue to thrive through agility and forging deep, one-to-one customer relationships.

We’re optimistic that brands and agencies will continue to respond in innovative and empathetic ways amid the ongoing pandemic. Looking ahead, we believe loyalty will continue to be a successful mechanism to drive positive business outcomes.

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