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Boost Your Freelance Writing Career with an Effective Social Media Strategy

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To someone with an office job, freelance writing may seem like a convenient career. It’s nice and relaxing when you see only the best parts of it: you work from home, you don’t have to get out of your pajamas if you don’t want to, and you can respect your own rhythm of productiveness. On the other hand, a freelance writer has to face demanding clients. Not all of their requirements are reasonable. In addition, your income is not stable and it’s not pleasurable to hunt for new projects when you finish the ones you’ve been working on.

As a freelance writer, you have to see both sides of the coin. You can’t solely focus on the positive aspects even if you wanted to. There are certain ways to make this job more convenient, though. Since you do everything online, the key is to boost your reputation and present yourself well to potential employers. Social media platforms can help you with that!

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media are cool not only because they enable you to build an online reputation, but also because they offer job opportunities for freelancers.

So what are the most effective ways to get better exposure and experience as a freelance writer by incorporating social media?

Every single business has to be present on social media. Most business owners and managers don’t have enough time to manage profiles on several platforms, so they want to delegate that part of their marketing strategy to freelancers. This is how you can become a social media manager:

  • Get recognized. – Without getting noticed there would be no use of having excellent potential. For this, create profiles on all popular social media platforms. Take care about the professionalism on those profiles and post content which appears outstanding. This would definitely attract many clients and you will have the facility to select the one of your interest.
  • Acquire additional skills. – It is not sufficient to have writing skills when dealing with online writing career. There is a requirement to learn about creating pages, marketing strategies, SEO guidelines, attracting the audience and so on which can make you the first preference.
  • Build reputation. – The key recommendation is to share only prime content via your social network. Remember that your primary job is to provide impeccable information for your follower’s feed, which can penetrate the thought of the target audience.

Here’s how you can get clients on different social media platforms.


This is a relaxed community, so it’s great for reaching out to potential clients and people who can help you out, such as bloggers, editors, and magazine owners.

Be especially attentive to writer’s niche influencers and follow the influencers. A great number of Twitter Apps can help you in finding them. Just follow their profiles and impress them with your tweet mentions. Also engage in twitter chats and monitor the latest community trends.

Besides, there are are some freelance writing companies that use Twitter to recruit talented writers:


First and foremost, you need a LinkedIn profile. Once you do that, you’ll need to maintain it and do everything to attract clients. LinkedIn is one place where you can get enormous attention by carefully following the below-mentioned conditions:

Optimize your writer profile. – There is no necessity to describe you as a high-end writer as it would eliminate most of the clients who are not looking for a specific type of writers. Therefore, the job title should enclose different writing skill sets such as blogger, copywriter, content writer, freelancer, social media manager, etc. By adding these relevant skills to the list, clients get easily associated with your profile. The key trick to get found on Linkedin via search is to add as many words you want to be found for to your profile page.

Update your profile. – Creating an account is not enough, as constant updates and mentioning about your successful ventures would create massive impression. Update the profile regularly! When you complete new projects or gain new skills, make sure to brag about them. Endorse respectful editors and your potential employers, and get endorsed.

Join relevant groups. – There are many groups in LinkedIn based on freelance careers and this could act as an encouraging foundation for your journey. Additionally, most of these groups have information about new job offers. Besides, it is advisable to connect to LIONS (Linkedin Open Networkers) in the niche and monitor the latest announcements in the freelance writing communities. You can reach your potential employer or customer on the following Linkedin communities: 

Keep in touch. – When someone views your profile, send a message. It’s a great chance to connect. You won’t ask for a job at this point; just connect and offer your assistance and collaboration. Do not forget about endorsements and recommendations section.


Facebook, needless to say, is one of the most used social media platforms across the world with a lot of opportunities to display skill and talent.

  • Create a page that represents your outstanding skills and presents you as a professional freelancer. In addition, post content which is unique so that people can realize your talent.
  • Furthermore, you can analyze different pages created by business professionals and offer your services for the enhancement of the page. You can easily target clients here.


YouTube is a great platform for writers as well, but it needs a bit of creativity and you should know how to make an everlasting impression through a video. People love watching videos, so it will be easy for you to grab their attention when you publish a great clip where you explain how businesses can benefit from the collaboration with an experienced writer. Gain more attention by following various freelance writing channels or create your own.


Almost all well-established blogs accept guest posts as contributions to their content base. You can never get too much exposure, so make sure to use this opportunity! When potential clients notice your great posts, you’ll start getting offers for collaboration.

Here are some blogs where you can contribute as a freelancer:

Using the knowledge mentioned above does not guarantee you an immediate success. But, through this strategy you can get more exposure and notice, so make sure to use this opportunity. In the era of digital, there should be no restrictions for freelancers to establish their professional career via online social channels.

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