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How To Boost Your Customer’s Loyalty With Apps

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In today’s landscape, customers are always looking for ways to be rewarded for being loyal to their favorite brands. And alternatively, companies are searching for ways to boost the level of trust among their customers. Seeing as how tangible items such as loyalty cards create more chaos for everyone`s wallets,

Listed are some beneficial ways to utilize apps for building consumer loyalty:

Show Value To Your Customers

Special promotional deals and discounts can be a fantastic incentive for consumers to purchase. It is one of the best ways to not only retain clients, but also to attract plenty of new ones. An effective example is with the Virgin Australia Flight Specials App. It is showcased as a prime example by staying on top of the newest deals by sending notification alerts to users, and also creating options to browse through pre-existing offers, giving users the ability to share deals with friends via email or social media. Other notable examples on going mobile could be Starbucks, McDonald’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, 7-Eleven and others.

Introduce Quicker and Convenient Transaction Methods

Giving customers the ability to pre-pay for products and services allows for a far less tedious transaction process (on both ends). For one, customers can spend shorter amounts of time waiting in lines, and secondly, company employees can work more efficiently to serve customers faster than ever before.

Methods for implementing this sort of initiative can be through unique customer barcodes that are attached to things such as movie tickets, flight boarding passes, and even specific dollar amounts to be used for in-store purchasing. All in all, online payment methods provide for a phenomenal way to speed up transactions and to provide customers with further ease of mind.

Make Customer Service An Easy Task

Ease of accessibility for important customer information can be a godsend in regards to customer service. Having product and service info on-the-go can greatly influence purchasing power for the consumer and makes it easier for both the end-users and company staff to communicate frequently asked questions. We`ve seen this put to use in strides by countless banks worldwide. This offers to their clients the capability to handle online banking with minimal hassles and incredible convenience.

Reward Your Pre-existing Customers

The way this is generally accomplished is by offering rewards to loyal customers for recurring business. It is a concept that is not new by any stretch, but steadily remains as one of the most effective methods of promoting customer purchasing.

Virgin`s award-winning Velocity loyalty program, for instance, does an exceptional job of providing clients with a flexible and broad range of rewards, with a vast number of ways to accumulate points. The brand has even gone as far as providing customized prepaid phones for their faithful clients.

Apps can alleviate the task of carrying extra physical cards around and can even provide consumers with much more data in regards to point milestones, literally at the tips of their fingers.

A restaurant that is looking to utilize mobile technology within its business may find it useful to include information such as menu items, pricing, and daily specials within its app. A service function could be to give users the ability to book online reservations, further easing and facilitating the process of helping the consumer make a purchasing decision.

Bearing these tips in mind, know that tidying up your wallet is only scratching the surface of the real benefits for utilizing loyalty apps. Given the nature of the how modern society has progressed technologically, consumers are constantly on their cellular devices, making mobile integration a natural evolution for any business today looking to market their services successfully into the future.

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