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13 Tips for Your Blog Post That Will Bring It to the Top

Tips for Your Blog Post That Will Bring It to the TopImage Credit: Deposit Photos

As easy as running a blog maybe, if you are not doing the necessary things to ensure your blog reaches the top of search engine results, it won’t generate adequate traffic, and you might just be wasting your time. Thank God for the internet, an upgrade like web 2.0 has led to a shift from just consuming content toward device compatibility and user interaction due to such high-quality texts as an essay. Probably you’re a link crew leader who needs to find out more on Markowitz portfolio optimization and other ways to use SEO tool as a plagiarism checker. If so, you can check some articles on completely free essays online, first. It is important to remember that this is a free plagiarism checker with no word limit, which is important for moving your blog to the top. Meanwhile, here are 13 important SEO tips to follow to make your blog posts top on SERPs in 2019.

SEO tips for blogging

  • Google recently launched mobile-first indexing to allow for new, which were previously invisible to Google, as well as old sites, to index on mobile phone browsers. The truth is most people surf the net using their phones, and if you want to generate a lot of traffic on your blog, you have to optimize your site and make it mobile-compatible. That entails tweaking the settings so readers can have an easy and rather interactive experience reading your content.
  • Optimizing your site for mobile first-index also entails that you improve your site’s speed using the AMP technology, which allows users to quickly and easily load and download content from your site.
  • If you haven’t been using LSI copywriting, now is the time to start using it actively. LSI is rather important if you want your posts to top the SERP. Let me give a simple explanation of how LSI works; search engines try to compile a list of relevant keywords used by previous searchers for advanced searches by users at a later time. LSI copywriting entails that you include these keywords naturally into your blog posts to improve visibility and reader base.
  • One of the best ways to market your blog is to promote it using video content.
  • Unlike written content, video content has lower competition; people are more interested in watching videos than reading. So making a video instead will definitely bring your web to the top.
  • Promoting your website using micro-marketing is also a great way to improve search engine visibility. Focusing on a small group of people can also go a long way in marketing. Your loyal readers will be delighted to help share your content with others, thereby increasing your online visibility.
  • “Semantics” can also play a significant role in site promotion. Here it focuses on word placement and how certain words can generate traffic to your website. Like I mentioned earlier, you can make use of LSI keywords in your writing. This has a way of improving your visibility on the SERP.
  • Analyzing and monitoring the activities on the net also improves the way your blog performs. The influence of behavioral factors helps you to make better decisions in the nearest future. You can make use of the Pestel analysis for this. It’s a rather essential tool in the world of marketing that helps identify threats and provide ways you can improve your website.
  • If you are dedicated to rebranding your blog, it also makes sense to improve your site’s usability. Not having an attractive, easy to use website can actually turn people off. To ensure that search engines can crawl your website, you can improve and make it more interactive and mobile-friendly.
  • Also, make sure to use quality links. Avoid cold link usage and any other practices that promote black hat content building on your site. If Google notices anything of such, they can ban and relegate your posts on the SERP for weeks or months.
  • Google users are more likely to click a local search than a sponsored one. So, it’s important that you optimize your content to ensure that your site will always appear at the top of local search results.
  • Another thing that can improve your visibility is making use of infographics. Graphs are also an important element of SEO promotion. 
  • Also, you can teak your site settings to make it compatible with voice search. Voice search is gradually increasing in popularity. This is because it allows for a more engaging user experience. Instead of just wasting your time typing and scrolling through results, it allows you to search more easily by just speaking to your phone. 
  • Another important factor that may be contributing to why you have not been topping on the SERPs is the fact that you are yet to migrate to HTTPS. This makes your website even faster than it is on HTTP. It also secures your blog from external threats and assures users of authentication and data security in the course of using your blog.

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