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Blogging And Link Building In A Post Penguin World

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Over a year ago Google introduced the first in a series of

Guest Blogging

One of the best ways to Penguin friendly links is guest blogging. This will require a little time, and a fair amount of work, but it definitely has the potential to pay off in quality back-links for your website. The internet is filled to bursting with blogs covering a wide range of interests, and with a bit of online research, it should be relatively easy to find a number of high quality blogs that are related to your own industry. Look for high traffic blog sites with the type of online authority you would like to tap into. Once you have a few suitable blog sites in mind, it’s time to start the real work.

Securing a Guest Blog Opportunity

In order to secure a guest post on a successful blog site, you will need to contact the site’s webmaster directly. Briefly, and politely, explain that you would like to submit material for a guest post on their blog. Invite the webmaster to visit your own blog, where they can review your work and get a sense of your background and authority in your field. Keep in mind that you are not merely searching for quick back-links here. The goal is to offer well written, and informative posts that will benefit the host blog and hopefully garner some attention for your own site. If you submit quality content to your host, you will be able to build organic, Penguin safe, back-links to your own website.

Creating Your Guest Post

After the initial contact with the webmaster has been made, and you have received an invitation to submit a guest post, it’s time to start working on your content. It is important to concentrate on producing a high quality blog post that offers real value to the webmaster, and to the website’s readers. Remember, your host can always refuse your submission, so spend some time crafting a blog post that you would be proud to put on your own website. You want to capture the attention of the host site’s readership, so that they will be more likely to want to know more about you and your own business.

If you are doing a lot of guest posting and emailing Buzz Stream is worth looking at.  I use this to control the huge amount of mail that is generated from outreach and making sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Blog Commenting and Link Building

Beyond writing guest posts for other webmasters, blogs offer another way to safely build Penguin friendly links. Commenting on popular blog sites can also help you to create safe links for your own site. Again, look for quality blogs that are closely related to your own field of interest, and that regularly address topics that are of interest to your own targeted demographic. Follow these blogs regularly, and keep an eye out for posts and discussions that you can involve yourself in.

  • Commenting on other blogs with an eye toward building links should be approached with care.
  • Your comments should be concise and to the point, and should never be confrontational.
  • Your comments should be pertinent and informative, and should appeal to both the webmaster as well as the site’s general readership.
  • The links that you include with your comments will help to produce the type of organic traffic that appeals to Google and its ever watchful Penguin.

Link building strategies have changed since the introduction of the Penguin. But there are still effective ways to build high quality, natural back-links that will bring traffic to your site, and satisfy Google’s latest updates. Guest blogging, and commenting on popular blog sites, can help you generate traffic for your website, while still keeping the Penguin happy.

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