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Why Is Blogging Such An Important Marketing Technique?

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Apart from recommendations that one usually gets from friends and family members, it is not unusual anymore for someone to go online and find out some great suggestions about anything you would ever imagine. As much as we prefer to look at official sites of what you are looking for, another medium that you can see online are those that are written by people who already have an idea of something you need.

These people are coined as bloggers, and now they are also considered “influencers” and more importantly as marketing magnets.

Blogging as an Important Marketing Technique

Over the years, blogging has become one of the more effective techniques in marketing, most especially if the topic that is being written about is timely, useful and something that can really be relevant to readers from a specific area to anywhere in the world.

Blogging, SEO and SEM

However, note that blogging and Search Engine Optimization are two very different techniques, but both can be considered under Search Engine Marketing. Either way, they can both be done together to create an even wider audience which is effective to gaining more traffic and make bloggers popular, regardless of location and topic. Whether you are a blogger/SEO in Singapore, a writer from the US, or someone who loves to share their travel experiences; people who know a bit of SEO know that it complements very well with Blogging.

Blogging Principles

Blogging, depending on the user, is either the easiest or the most complicated. One should still be able to be aware about the technical side of it, where you are to work with blogging elements that are being used within the platform. Most blogs are based in WordPress and Blogger, and some other blogs are customized with their own codes, and are considered to be more connected to the blog authors compared to the first two platforms.

How Important is it?

Blogging is important because it is considered a more reputable source, than, let’s say, an advertisement of a brand, such as a poster, a billboard, a commercial, or even online advertising shorts that can be accessed on video platforms such as YouTube. But this is not always the case, as a lot of bloggers have taken advantage of the blogging platforms and are trying their best to saturate even topics that they are not that knowledgeable about. ‘Real bloggers’ share their passions, write better, and are more preferred than those who are just blogging because of the idea that blogging can somehow become their way to earn profit the fastest way possible.

Blogging and Marketing

A lot of people tend to think that blogging is just a waste of time, but others think of it otherwise. This is because bloggers are now being used by bigger companies as brand ambassadors or brand endorsers, which costs far lower than when you go and create a traditional advertising campaign such as a commercial or posters. The only thing that’s important if you want to make blogging more effective is to maintain and improve your content overtime.

With Google watching over the internet, doing this can increase your chance of getting higher rankings and traffic.

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