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Best Strategies and Tools to Build Blog Content as a Killer Sales Tool

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Online content is an important factor in your strategy for increasing sales. That’s why business owners invest their time and energy in developing state-of-the-art blog content, infographics and YouTube videos. When they don’t have time to maintain these blogs, they usually hire professional services to write content under proper instructions.

An effective content marketing strategy is based upon a strict schedule. If the blog writer is not capable to meet a deadline, he has to look for an alternative solution that won’t leave the readers waiting.

Below, you will find information on strategies and tools that will help you create blog content that generates sales.

Avoid obvious promotion

The purpose of your content marketing strategy is to promote your products and services to a target audience. That promotion mustn’t be too aggressive. You should focus on your customers, analyze their needs and suggest your product/service as something that will improve their lifestyle.

Make Google happy

What keywords are your target clients using when they search for products and services equal or similar to the ones you offer? The best way to connect with your target audience is to use those keywords in the content you develop.

Benefit from urgent situations

Sometimes people need a particular product or service urgently. In such situations, they make a quick decision and they are ready to pay the price you require. Identify those circumstances through research and surveys. Then, make sure to develop blog content that shows how your business is the most effective solution.

Offer direct answers

When a customer asks how much a certain product costs, you shouldn’t write an elaborate answer about the benefits they will gain by choosing you over the competition. Your answers should be clear and direct.

Provide clear instructions and solutions

If you don’t explain how your customers can use your products and services, no one will purchase them. Your blogging strategy should be focused on this key aspect: providing clear step-by-step instructions that guide your customer through the usage.

Complement blogging with social media activity

The of your business serve as an extension of your blog. You can reach out to a much greater audience through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other platforms. Offer links and you’ll get more visitors on your blog.

Meet the needs of different categories of customers

You cannot be focused to a single type of a customer. Although they all need your product or service, they are still different individuals with their own preferences. For example, a 50-year old woman would use a blender with different recipes than a young mother, who bought the appliance to prepare meals for her baby.

You should examine the needs of the different segments of target customers. Then, you need to target those categories through the blog content you develop.

Top 7 Tools that Help You Develop Attractive Blog Content

Each business should focus on examining the needs of the audience through different tools and methods. Then, the blogger is supposed to write focused content according to a carefully-developed publishing schedule.

The following 7 tools will boost the effectiveness of your blogging campaign.

#1. Trello

Without proper project management, you won’t achieve success in your online marketing campaign. You may attract few buyers with a certain blog post, but if you don’t continue with your efforts according to a particular plan, you can’t expect long-term benefits. Trello is a tool that enables you to plan and organize your blogging strategy. You can categorize the ideas for your upcoming blog posts and develop a logical editorial calendar that your target audience can follow.

The Trello board is filled with cards that show your ideas, commitments, current work, and progress. You can keep the board private, but you can also share the project management plan with your team.

#2. InboundWriter

The blog can’t serve as a space where you publish random posts. If you want to get purchases thanks to the content you publish, then you have to attract potential customers towards the website where they can spend their money.

InboundWriter can help you achieve that goal. This tool analyzes the potential performance of a particular idea. You will get a prediction on how much traffic certain topics will generate. Test few alternatives before you choose the most favorable one.InboundWriter


When you cannot stick to the publishing schedule or you just don’t have the skills to write good blog posts, then you should delegate that responsibility to a professional writer. is an online service that can deliver top-quality content according to the instructions you provide. You can collaborate with experience writers and improve the effectiveness of your strategy.

These writers can certainly meet your deadline, so you won’t leave your loyal readers disappointed when they expect to see a new publication.EduGeeksClub

#4. Google AdWords Keyword Planner

Without relevant keywords, your content won’t reach a huge audience. This Keyword Planner is a necessary addition to a blogger’s toolkit. It shows you what words and phrases your target customer is using when searching through Google, so you’ll use that information to put yourself on their radar.

In addition to providing keyword ideas, this tool also provides performance insights and a planner for your Search Network campaign.Google AdWords Keyword Planner

#5. Evernote

If you want to add authority to your blog post, you should support it with links to trustworthy online resources. You can’t leave these sources without links and citations, since plagiarism will ruin the reputation of your business. How can Evernote help? This awesome tool enables you to save every page you locate through the research process. You can categorize the sources for different posts, so you’ll never forget where your inspiration came from.Evernote

#6. Google Webmasters

Thanks to Google Webmasters, you can discover the preferences of your target customer. What type of content are they interested in? When you get such information, you can craft blog posts on the same topics, but you’ll make sure to offer better quality.

Google Webmasters

#7. Trapit

This platform enables you to discover unique content, optimize your own posts for social networks, and analyze the results you achieve. You can browse through great articles and share the ones you like via social media. Then, Trapit will inform you about the topics that attracted the attention of your audience. Keep track of that information and offer something better!Trapit

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