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8 Best Content Marketing Tips For Business Bloggers

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Business blogging is a growing phenomenon that more and more companies are taking part in. There are no end of advantages, from opening up a channel of communication with clients and other professionals in your industry, to establishing yourself as an expert in your field. A blog can create the desirable impression that you’re a reliable and trustworthy expert. Plus, regular, original, and high quality blog posts can drive traffic to your site through SEO and social media. The one thing that does require considerable effort is content. The following content marketing tips can really help your business blog to take off and lead to the achievement of your corporate goals.

#1. Hire Qualified Writers and Editors

No business blog can flourish without talented writers and editors producing quality content. Most employees within  a business already have more than enough work on their plate that adding blogging just isn’t feasible. It’s almost another full time job. With that in mind, plus the fact that many businesses hire staff with specific skill sets and training that are not linked to creative writing, it might be time to delegate. There are several online platforms that can help you find an amazing writer or editor who can really bring a voice to your business.

Whether you want to post an ad and conduct some interviews to find the right person, which is how things work on Upwork and Freelancer, or you simply want to select the services you require and have them assigned to a Rated Writing, there are plenty of options. Some, such as Scripted can offer business marketing as a specialisation, so there really are services to suit all needs. Any one of the writers available on the above platforms could reduce the workload of in-house staff and produce a well-written blog that can drive traffic to your site.

#2. Use Online Editing Tools

Starting a business blog is like creating an online persona for yourself. This blog is a representation of your business, and so it should be everything you want your business to be: professional, reliable, and attentive to detail. This means that there is no room for sloppy writing, spelling, or grammar, as it will make your company look bad. If you aren’t able to produce a good blog post, then why should a customer trust that you are competent in other areas? Some great online editing tools include Australian Help and Academized, both of which provide amazing guides and tutorials, that you can use while proof reading your work. As business blogs enjoy the best SEO for posts over 1000 words, it can be helpful to use Easy Word Count to keep track of your work.


#3. Spend Time On Your Introduction

No matter how amazing your content is, without a great title and catchy introduction, you have limited chances of success. The internet is home to millions of pages and websites, and the title of your piece has to stand out from the crowd enough to make someone click on it, rather than hundreds of other options. Similarly, if your introduction isn’t snappy and interesting, then you may lose your reader before you’ve had chance to engage with them. Don’t lose sight of how short your audience’s attention span may be.

#4. Change What You Post Depending on Where You Post

Most businesses are aware that they will see better and faster results through sharing their business blogs across social media. However, far too many businesses post the same text with the link, ignoring the nuances of each platform. Posts shared to Twitter, for example, are way more likely to be successful with an image attachment, or the use of hashtags. The content of your post is important, but don’t overlook the content of your blog’s description on social media either.


#5. Write Evergreen Content, And Share It Multiple Times

While the same post shouldn’t be shared day in day out, you also don’t discard every post after the first few days. By focusing on content that will always be interesting, and always draw in an audience, rather than for something too topical – in other words evergreen content – you can use old material for new hits. After some time has passed and you’ve gained more followers, or the content of a post seems relevant to a new issue, feel free to share this post again. There’s nothing wrong with repeating as long as enough time has passed. But this only works with solid content. You could also find existing followers missed the post the first time round – either way, you are getting more traffic.

#6. Be Honest and Transparent

Many people today are aware that pulling back the corporate veil can lead to pretty disturbing findings. This is why honesty and transparency between businesses and consumers is becoming ever more important. A business blog is a great way to draw in a conscious consumer, as you can post about steps you’re taking to help your employees be healthier and happier, and report on aspects like your supply chain, confirming that you are a trustworthy brand, with nothing to hide, conforming to good business practices. This is the kind of content that consumers love to know, and they then feel good about using your services.

#7. Utilize Ready Made Content Ideas

One of the hardest aspects of content marketing is finding inspiration for the content itself. What many people aren’t aware of is the fact that they already have a stockpile of blog ideas that their customers would love. First, blogging is opening up communication. It’s more personal than traditional advertising, and so it’s OK for content marketing – to use personal experiences and stories about days in the life of employees, or any community projects you’re participating in. It’s much easier to do business with someone you’re connected to. And these kinds of posts really help your readers feel comfortable with you. Second, any question that you’ve ever been asked by a potential client or reader can be a blog post. You would be giving you’re audience something you’re sure they want, and the post would be a hit.

#8. Content Marketing Gets Interactive

Engaging with clients is great, but you can improve even further by interacting with other blogs in your field. Collaborating on posts, being a guest or inviting guests to your business blog is a diverse form of content, that can also expand your audience significantly.

Creating quality content is never easy, and there are no quick fix solutions to writing amazing blogs. However, the tips above can help provide inspiration and ideas on how to really expand your blog, and enjoy the most benefits as a result of your hard work.

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