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7 Types of Awesome Sites that You Can Create Using WordPress

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If you’re wondering why there are over 75 million WordPress users all in the world, then you probably are not entirely aware of how powerful this CMS can be.

WordPress has outgrown the blogging platform label that was tagged to it years ago. Nowadays, the flexibility and customization offered by WordPress to its users have paved the way for some of the most functional and visually stunning websites that you can find online.

In this post, I will discuss the types of websites you can create using a stand-alone version of WordPress and share examples of each.

#1. Blog/News site

As it stands, you can blog out of the box using WordPress. After installing and logging into your account, just create a new post, type away your article, and press “Publish.” Also, there are hidden WordPress features that benefit publishers.

A particular type of WordPress blog that you can build is a niche affiliate site. You can earn money from this blog by signing up to different affiliate programs and sell their products and services through your blog to get your commission. One of the most common and successful affiliate blogs rely mostly on selling Amazon products.

An example of a WordPress blog and news site is the Chicago Sun-Times. As a news site, it displays content on the homepage using a magazine layout where the latest and best articles are featured on top of the page. The other posts can be found in the middle part. At the bottom, you can view content from the different categories covered by the blog.

#2. Job board

If you want to serve your audience with job openings relevant to their field, you can turn your WordPress site into a jobs board. First, you need to continuously publish the latest job posts on your site to refresh your listing. Once you have that covered, you need to use a job board plugin or theme to make it easier for job seekers to look for your opportunities from your site.

Aside from being a blog about blogging, Bloggingpro is a WordPress-built site with a job boards section for writers in search of job openings. Visitors can filter the results according to job type (full-time, part-time, freelance, temporary, etc.).

#3. Online Community

Building a group of like-minded people under one site is possible using WordPress. Again, there are themes and plugins available in making this happen. You can design your site like a forum or create your social network. Two of the most popular plugins approved by WordPress for building a community online is bbPress (forum) BuddyPress (social network).

An example that puts BuddyPress to good use is Tasty Kitchen.The social networking site connects people with a passion for food and recipes. Users can vote for their favorite recipes or discuss food with others.

#4. Portfolio

If you are freelancer or a professional and want to have an online presence to increase your chances of being found by potential clients, then hire WordPress to help you build a portfolio site people can’t say “no” to. You can display your sample works, feature your resume, and provide all the pertinent information to people who may hire you. A portfolio affords you the freedom and flexibility that online job sites normally won’t offer on your profile.

The online portfolio of Margo Weathers built using WordPress is something that one should experience. The site actually showcases her product made of different media and the graphics used to transition from page to page displays a level of elegance that matches the quality of her work.

#5. Q&A Site

Want to be the next Quora or StackOverflow? Then you should use your WordPress to build your Q&A site. There are plugins to help you customize the site layout and make it easy for visitors to ask questions and provide answers. Just like the sites above, the plugins also let you vote the best answers so visitors can immediately see them from the page.

If you have involved in any cycling-related accident, then Bill Bone is your guy. Not only that, but he also has a Q&A page on his site where he answers cycling-related legal questions. While this is far from being a Quora-worthy, it nonetheless shows you how you can complement your site with a Q&A feature to provide value to your audience.

#6. eCommerce

Selling products online can be a pain if you don’t know where to start. While selling them through social media may be good enough, it can only get you so far. You will have to deal with processing their orders, getting paid, and managing your inventory. All these tasks can be handled on your eCommerce site building using WordPress. You can choose between WooCommerce and Shopify, two of the most popular platforms, to help you conduct your business.

For inspiration, take a cue from Large Outdoors, which uses the WordPress eCommerce platform to help walking enthusiasts in the Great Britain area to find walking holidays and challenge events they can join. The brand takes care of food and accommodates to help give participants a great experience. Large Outdoors is proof that you don’t need to sell a product to use an eCommerce site successfully.

#7. Business

Business will always be good when using WordPress to power your online brand. It all starts with you theme that you will use. Even if you decide to use free business themes offered by Colorlib, for example, you can be sure to stand out from your competitors. Professional WordPress are typified by the eye-catching offer above the fold, followed at the bottom by the different services your company is offering. You can also include testimonials and case studies to make a compelling case to your potential clients.

One of the few Fortune 500 that are powered on WordPress is The Walt Disney Company. While the site only contains the latest company news and investor reports, it nonetheless proves that a company as big as Walt Disney entrusts its online presence using WordPress.


If you don’t run your blog or online business using WordPress, then these examples different sites should make you think twice. The combined power of themes and plugins can seriously make your competition a run for their money, if not elevate your online presence. If you truly want your online business to succeed, then you must give WordPress a second look so you can make the website you want and deserve.

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