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7 Tasks Online Marketers Wish Weren’t Such a Pain in the Ass

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With online marketing you can do a lot. Right from getting creative with new campaign strategies to testing them out and measuring the results, you can also use new technologies, try out new apps and generally do a lot to attract more leads and find the right type of elements that can give you the most and best conversion rates.

But all your efforts aren’t equally easy to perform. While some are easy to do, others can be immensely difficult and time-consuming. Here are the chief among them that online marketers like you wish weren’t so troublesome to deal with.

#1. Conducting market research

What’s an online marketing strategy without proper market research? While conducting market research, there are many variables to take into consideration, such as your target audience, their likes and dislikes, needs, buying cycle and other things.

There are several questions that you need to ask and because of this, it’s likely that you may do an in-depth research or you may not. It will be tough to achieve the right kind of balance you need, which isn’t easy or fun to do.

#2. Relevant and contemporary content

For successful content marketing, you need new content topics and articles all the time. These must also be relevant and valuable, apart from being original. Writing original articles might be a difficult task, coupled with originality as an equally difficult one.

As if to complicate the issue further come keywords. And the icing on the cake is the fact that these articles need to come in on a regular basis. From this it is easy to understand why content creators are frustrated and worried about how to get this aspect of content marketing going smoothly.

#3. Clever and original ideas

It may be fun to come up with clever ideas but it’s also a lot of hard work, often frustrating. You have to keep your ideas flowing and you’re going through a bad day when you can’t get a single idea out of your head, it could be really terrible.

And that’s because creativity isn’t something that you can force, it has to come naturally. Of course, luck also plays its part here.

#4. UX testing

Usability testing is a necessary process for your product to undergo to check whether it works as desired and evaluate it accordingly. However tough it may be, it always needs to be done.

#5. Keeping on top of everything

The online marketing world is highly dynamic, with changes and improvements taking place all the time. One day, it could be a new method of working and another day a new technology that changes the way you work and think.

So, one can hardly foretell what might happen the next day or week, but if you want your marketing campaign to be a success and continue, you need to be ready for any and everything. You need to spend a lot of time here and willingness too, to succeed here.

#6. Flushed with data

Fortunately, the world is experiencing a lot of change and development in the world of data. Technology is playing its own stellar role in pulling up all it can of data, such that now that data is a marketing man’s dream.

No matter which aspect of marketing you want information on, you can get it very easily. Analyzing the data you receive is often so much that you could well be overwhelmed by it. How do you deal with so much information and how do you process it? Data analysis is a new offshoot of this which is very much here to stay, no matter how objective.

#7. Give your strategy an overhaul

There could be times when you find your strategy not giving the results you expected. What do you do? Well, change it entirely so that you reposition your brand. You need to be humble to accept the reality that something you believed in isn’t working and pick up the pieces of your former strategy and start all over again.

This means you begin all over again, sometimes it is a painful and laborious exercise but it must be done nevertheless. But to be optimistic, you have a huge opportunity waiting for you to explore and come up with new suggestions. Perhaps, you’ll have all the required tools and skills to explore this newness.

These tasks, though tedious, aren’t impossible. Most of them can be completed if you have the right attitude and determination. And, they stand for some of the most challenging parts of online marketing.

If you are new to this world, you will need to watch out for these blockades, so that you’re well prepared for them should they ever turn up. And, if you’re an old hand at it and are already acquainted with these problems, will it help to know that you aren’t alone in this?

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