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6 Ways To Benefit From Using Google+

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Since its inception, Google+ has been helping individuals expand their networks, whether for business or social use. This relatively young social media venue combines some of the best aspects of other social media sites and puts them all together in one spot. Anyone wanting to connect with more people or gain exposure for their business can do so easily with Google+.

Similar to other social media venues, you’ve got to use Google+ intelligently to reap the greatest benefits. If you’re going to use this venue for personal and business use, be sure to open two separate accounts. Read on to learn more about how Google + can help you expand your social connections in your private life or build the consumer base for your business.

For Personal/Social Use

# 1. Build a Network Based on Similar Interests

Although social media is a good thing, it does occasionally make it harder to meet people locally who share similar interests. With the world at your fingertips, it’s easier to connect with others who you enjoy conversing with or getting to know without having to commit to meetings or local club events. An added benefit of connecting with people online is that you can remain in contact with people in your circles even while travelling or if you move.

# 2. Expand Your World View

It’s interesting to get to know and interact with people from around the world. Through your connections with Google+ you’ll find that the world feels a little bit smaller sometimes and expansive on other occasions. One thing’s for sure; you can learn a lot about life and the world by connecting with people who live in different areas.

# 3. Learn More about Products and Connect with Businesses

If you’re a budget-savvy consumer, Google+ is an excellent place to learn more about products and services, and connect with businesses that can provide you with what you’re looking for. You’ll also benefit from the security of dealing with a company such as Google, which allows you to make credit card purchases without having to worry about the security of your information.

Business Benefits of Using Google Plus

# 4. Gain Exposure

While the consumers in your local community are important, there are only so many of them. A presence on Google+ can help you gain vital exposure for your business so you can connect with potential consumers from around the world. You’ll reap this benefit to the fullest potential if you consistently post valuable information with the members of your circles.

# 5. Build Credibility and Expertise

Consistent use of Google + as part of your social media marketing plan will help you build credibility and expertise in your area of business. As your name and business become more prevalent in Google searches, people will begin to associate your business and posts with the service or product they need and want. Be mindful of the fact that consumers won’t waste their time on information that’s spam-like or of little value.

# 6. Rise in Google Searches

As you create your Google+ profile and build up your presence with worthwhile links and posts, you’ll soon rise in the ranks of Google searches. This is extremely beneficial for small businesses who want to grow and need the exposure to do it. Add a business blog to your company website, and post a link to your blog two to three times per week.

Tips for Getting Started

Google+ isn’t one of those venues where occasional drive-by postings will prove to be beneficial. Instead, you have to take time to create a complete profile and post information that’s useful, relevant or newsworthy. Consistency is also important with this social media venue because a constant presence amidst other users will help you build your audience.

On a personal basis, Google+ can help you connect with others around the world who share same interests. For business, this venue helps you find potential customers and provide them with information that serves a valuable purpose in their lives. Either way, the level of benefits you receive from using Google+ will be directly impacted by the time and consistency you invest into it.

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