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6 Social Media Tips: Turn Business into Sales Powerhouse

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Social media marketing and search engine optimization are two very tight strategies that are used very commonly these days. Both these strategies have an ability to attract visitors to a particular website. It is a proven fact that your presence in social media can improve your search engine ranking and sales of your small business; however, you need SEO or search engine optimization to complement this social media presence. If the strategies of SEO are used properly, you will enjoy a much greater presence on social media. This can help you and your website a lot in the end.

There are six practices of social media to boost your business sales effectively. These practices have been explained below for you:-

#1. Growth of your followers

The numbers of followers you have on the profiles of your social media obviously have a huge impact on the sales of your small business and influence on your search engine rankings.

A company that has over 50 million followers on Facebook will obviously have an upper hand over another company that has 10 million Twitter followers. There are steps that Google uses to detect whether a certain page has fake proxy followers or not. Google can very easily detect the quality of your followers. You must understand that buying proxy followers will not exactly help your search engine rankings.

The process of growing the number of your followers genuinely is obviously very long. However, it is effective if you are consistent. You need to present your brand in a very unique, as well as in a consistent, manner. The marketing strategies you adopt will be very useful to you in this process. You can do this by posting useful, engaging, and interesting content, helpful tips and tricks, pictures, open inquiries and general discussion forum posts as well as follow up and communicate users directly.

#2. Encouragement of the external inbound links

One useful aspect and characteristic about social media is that it encourages many external sites that can be linked to your content. The more diverse and advanced your links are the more authority and power you can gain on Google search engine. However, for this purpose your content must be of very high quality. If your content is not of very high quality, there will not be any use in attracting the links.

In order to gain more and more visibility to your website, you can also make proper use of hashtags and include your links in discussions and various other threads. Social media is a platform where you can promote your external links that can attract a lot of traffic to your website and increase your brand revenue.

#3. Optimization of your posts for better searches

This strategy often relies upon your content that is pre-existing. However, it opens a secondary channel for the searches. Google often favors the updates on social media that are the top most sections of the SERP.

For this strategy, you will need a very strong anchor for your posts. It can be an infographic, a video or a link to a very detailed article. No matter what it is, it will serve as a great foundation for you. You will have to give its title in a very descriptive and very accurate manner and you can do this by adding a specific query to your title. This can make it even more attractive and can encourage Google searches.

#4. Influencing the process of social sharing

Sharing on social media leads to the authority of the brand in the exact same manner as the external links do. If you are able to attract people to your Facebook page and make them share it, it will be ideal for you. If 1,000 people share your post, it can be a great promotion for you and your search rankings will improve significantly.

You can attract sharing on social media in many ways. The best way is to encourage influencers to share your content. There are many chances that they will actually share it. You can also reward people who share your post. This is a very helpful strategy and is a platform for you to improve your ranking.

#5. Posts optimized locally

The local community can make or break your brand. Social media gives you a huge opportunity to mix together within the local community. This is done by sending the authority signals to the major search engines. One way of doing this is by making important updates when your company gets itself involved in a local event and interacts with the local establishments and local brands on social media.

Whenever your company attends a local festival or a local fair, you can take pictures and post it on your social media profile. This can generate a lot of local traffic to your website and improve your rankings significantly.

#6. Increasing the awareness of your brand

This can be categorized as a branding advantage rather than an SEO advantage. However, the benefit of SEO is largely significant. If you increase your reputation on social media, the image of your brand will also improve. This can increase the presence of your brand on the internet. This will eventually lead to more searches of your brand on Google. If you have a strong and complex presence of your brand on social media, it will automatically lead to many searches.

The brand impression in the users mind is the most important factor for online businesses. Using this technique, you can acquire both advantages. One is of improving your brand name both online and offline and the other is gaining an increase in your search engine ranking as well sales leads.

End of the play

It can be concluded that the above tips could be extremely helpful. Think about executing these practices so that you can enjoy and enhance your presence on the internet. However, it is not essential to follow all of the above. Even if one practice is executed perfectly you can gain a lot from it.

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